Sunday, November 4, 2007

The WORST Part of Being a Mommy

Being a mom can be wonderful, joyful, thrilling, and exhausting, difficult, and heart-wrenching. But when do you most want to say, "Can I resign as a Mommy?" I'll tell you what it is for me: barf! I would never make a good nurse. I'm not good with a lot of things like blood and needles, but I'm especially not cleaning up barf, even if it is my own child's. It is horrible, icky, and makes me gag! Recently I've been seeing a lot of it, due to the fact that last week Alathia caught the one-day flu going around town, and last night Jeremiah finally got it. I don't mind the extra laundry, cuddling and rocking my babies and singing to them to soothe their pain and misery. I love comforting and consoling them. I just wish barf wasn't part of the package!

Not for those with a weak stomach...........This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life! Last week when Alathia had the flu, we thought she was over it because her appetite picked up and she was playing and running around having fun. Then my mom dropped by briefly after work. During this time Alathia had a volcanic eruption of barf all over the living room carpet which we had just shampooed extremely well a week before. We were all in shock for a few seconds, during which Jeremiah crawled over as fast as lightning, reached out, grabbed a chunk of barf and started to put it in his mouth. I screamed at the top of my lungs, grabbed his hand in the nick of time (like 1/4 inch from his mouth) and King Jo and I both ended up having to strip and wash one kid each and get them clean. Jer was so scared by the whole affair he cried and cired for about a half hour. (He's very sensitive.)

What do YOU think a mommy's nastiest chore is?


Jason & Tanya said...

Oh. My. Word. I had to kind of chuckle at this post and then kind of gagged too. The other day, Nathan gorged himself at one of my relatives house on candy and pop and sugar basically and he came home. He was fine one minute and then sicker than sick the next. All the way to the bathroom was a trail. As soon as the smell hit me, I was gagging and running to the other bathroom. I hate throw up. It is a good think Jason was home. I know why God made our bodies so that we usually get sick in the evenings...because squemish people (like me) can rely on their hubbies to help with that. :)I can handle blood (usually not out the nose though) and all the other stuff (I used to be a doctors assistant at the clinic) but throw up was out of the question. I made sure the doctors knew that and were prepared for that.

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Oh.. Yuck! I know what you mean Lindsey.. this was my one fear about becoming a mom..
Leah ahd the flue for the first time this summer. It was awful. But I felt so bad for her, I was amazed at myself, I just sat with her cleaned her up, didn't mind the smell, anything! I think it was a "God-thing!" Iotherwise I woulda been puking in the toilet!
Not fun at all... but who else will do it? :) Makes me appreciate my mom much more!

Anonymous said...

I had to really think about this one!
I concluded that I must be pretty selfish (still, after 7 kids, how can this be?!)
Vomit? no problem. Poop everywhere? hose 'em off. Snot, purposely wiped on my shirt - that's obviously what mom's shirt is for, right?
Blood & broken bones? I'm cool. (okay, once it's all over, I kinda fall apart a bit) but STICKY, gross, messy little hands TOUCHING me at the dinner table ~ I can not stand!
So there you have it, the confessions of a selfish momma

Blessings ~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

I want to change my answer.

The worst part of being a Mommy is having to cut a bunch of orange goo out of your toddler's beautiful blond curls.
So he's a boy. Still, he had the sweetest curls you ever saw & I was NOT ready to cut 'em off. Not yet. Not until everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY mistook him for a girl, even in his overalls & cowboy boots, forcing my husband to order me to cut the hair.
I can't cut curls off without crying.
Guess I better go get the boy - the short-haired boy - out of the bath & see what he looks like.

Mrs. Jo said...

Can my daughter have some of your little boy's hair? she's almost 3 and still hasn't needed a real haircut, other than the teensiest trimming of bangs. She was often mistaken for a boy!

Mrs. Jo said...


I find it funny that you gagged reading this! And you're not even pregnant! During morning sickness, reading this story would have sent me to the toliet for sure!

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