Monday, November 12, 2007

Encouragment for Moms

If Ever You Worshiped
Words and music by Danny Oertli
It wasn't that long ago
You were a girl all alone
There was no way to know
How soon you'd have kids of your own
Now you're the first one awake
The last one asleep
Cleaning and making your plans
And there are days when it feels
Like there's no time to pray
You wonder if God understands
But if ever you worshiped it's now
If ever you kept your vow
You may not understand how
But if ever you worshiped it's now
The memory of leaves in the fall
Walking through the canyons so tall
God was so close in it all
Now your chance to worship seems small
You're the first one to taste
But the last one to eat
When everyone goes their own way
And it's your name that's called
In the deep of the night
One more hour of sleep floats away
Every shirt that you fold
Every nose that you blow
Is a gift to the Father above
Every lunch that is made
Every game that is played
Is an offering of love
Writing the words doesn't convey how pretty this song is when you hear it sung by Danny Oertli. It's a great reminder for me that in the mist of the nitty-gritty stuff I do every day, I can worship God and do even the little things for His glory.

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shiloh said...

I have had a rough day and feel so exhausted,but those lyrics brought tears to my eyes and let me know that I am doing these things for a reason! Thanks Lindsey!

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