Thursday, November 15, 2007

Frugal Friday--Lovely Little Girl's Socks

What a beautiful Christmas, Birthday, or Baby gift for a sweet little girl.......

Bead socks are simple. Thread about 40 beads (in whatever color scheme order you choose) onto the end of a ball of crocheting yarn. Chain 8 and then slide a bead onto the link and then crochet the end into the sock. Chain 8 and then slip another bead on and hook into the sock, etc. etc.

Ribbon socks are simple too. Turn a new pair of socks inside out and lay the ribbon right side down around the cuff. Stretch the cuff out as you sew around the sock so that when you are done the ribbon is ruffled and gathered. Sew the ends neatly together (tucked under).

Fuzzy Socks are adorable and the easiest yet! Crochet around the top of socks using a tiny crochet hook and some fun fur or eyelash yarn. I usually do 3 times around the cuff and then tie off and I'm done! Note: These socks shouldn't be dried in a dryer as they looked matted and icky afterward.

Thanks to my lovely friend Heather for being my "craft rival" and inspiring me in all things crafty. She taught me to do the ribbon and bead socks!

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Anonymous said...

I should've just waited for ya!
I spent a couple of HOURS this week trying to find directions for beaded socks. I just did a pair yesterday ~ oh so fun!! (took longer to make than I expected, though - but that seems to be normal for me. sigh)
My boys are gonna get jealous; Lily got 3 pr of shoes, 3 new diapers & pretty socks in the past 2 weeks - I better make them some shoes pretty soon :-)
My big kids all want shoes, too ('cept the 20 year old, he hasn't asked for any yet) Somehow, I just don't think a men's size 13 (for the 15 y o) is gonna be all that sweet...haha

Have a great weekend ~ Tracy
ps ~ whatcha gonna post next FF?? :-)

Melonie said...

This is such a good idea. I don't know how to crochet but I do *sorta* know how to do beadwork. Do you think there's a way to attach the beaded socks without crocheting - like the ribbons? Or would it just come undone because of the material the socks are made of?

Stacy said...

So pretty!

What great gifts.

Jason & Tanya said...

Great idea! Those socks are the cutest!

I haven't gotten to get back to you on your comment about why I don't cook. Ok, now everyone knows so I might as well spill the beans sort of speak. I am not very good at it. There I said it. I cannot cook eggs to save my life. I burn most everything even when I am carefully watching it. I hate to think up menu's. I wish I had a full time cook in my house. I would love that. My mother loved to cook and I think I broke her heart when I just had no desire and then when she tried to teach me I was terrible. I can do things like tacos and meatloaf and frozen things, I know, I know, but big huge things like oh I don't know... steak, any kind of breakfast food (besides cereal) just turns out badly. I don't like to eat it and I try not to put the kids through it. My hubby never makes mean or snide remarks about my cooking but I think he secretly likes it when I don't cook. I have had people give me easy recipes that are very good when they make them but when I make them, YUCK! Nothing goes right. I can do boxed cakes and processed foods like frozen lazagna's(sp?) but nothing real deal. I know, hopeless cause. :) Hope that answers your questions.

Mrs. Jo said...


How funny! Great minds think alike I guess! Yes, it's more fun to do crafts for little girl things with all the flouncy ribbons and trimmings you can do. I did try making a pair of adult leather shoes but I was trying to make the soles really thick so I ended up breaking a lot of needles and ending the project in frustration. Let me know how your shoes turn out. I wish there was a way I could see pics.
Haha-a mens size 13 with little trucks or soccer balls on them? Hysterical! I have no clue what will be on next week's FF post!

I don't know of another way to attach the beads. I WILL say that the crocheting involved in these socks is something ANYONE could do. It's just chaining little stitches. You could even just do it with your fingers, except you have to find a way to hook it through the sock rim. You could maybe hand sew beads ONTO ribbon and then sew the ribbon on the socks for a variation.

Someday you'll have to come over and cook with me! I'm sure you could be a great cook with practice. I have worked in a lot of food service jobs where I got to cook and bake and it's just a great love of mine so I'd love to pass on my hints. I know you may never ENJOY it, my mom doesn't either, but you might find that you can cook great food in spite of not enjoying it and your family would really like it too!

lindafay said...

Oooh, I just love this simple and cute idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something;
when making the beaded socks for little bitty girls - chaining 8 is really a tad too long- 6 is prob'ly better. I did 8, and the beads hang down past my 7mo's heels...

Not sure what to do about designs on the boy's shoes; I have yet to find any suitable colors.... I did manage to buy 1 red suede ladie's pump today (yes, 1 shoe - the other one was no where to be found in the thrift shop, so i said, "can I have it for a quarter?" the gal looked at me as if I'd lost my mind - why on earth would someone who clearly had 2 feet, want ONE shoe?! I didn't bother explaining) BUT, 1 scrawny pump doesn't have enough leather for anything more than part of a few designs... I might could squeeze a razorback out of it for the little boys....hmmm

Blessings ~ Tracy

Melonie said...

Mrs. Jo - Thanks for your answer to my comment. I'll have to show these to my Ma when we're up north for Christmas - she's the real crochet wiz in the family and I'm sure she'd help me give it a shot. Thanks! :-)

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