Friday, November 2, 2007

Thrift Store Bargains!

I love the two thrift stores in our town! They sell kids' clothing for 10 cents an item and I've gotten a lot of things that still have the tags on them! Here are yesterday's buys:
T-shirt for King Jo
Outfit for a friend who needs clothes for her son
Pretty, like-new courderoy jumper for Alathia (she needs dresses for the next size up so this was perfect. However, she begs to wear it even though it's really big on her right now!)
UV protection swim shirt for my friend's baby girl
Cute winter hat for my nephew
Pretty candleholder
Hand-knitted little blue sweater for Jeremiah

Total spent: $1.16! The pretty candle holder was 50 cents of that!


Mrs. T said...

Holy cow, what a bargain! :D Go you :D

Crystal said...

Maybe you have to drive a ways for good groceries deals, but $0.10 per item for clothes?! That is unheard of. Our thrift stores are mostly trashy affairs charging at least $3-$4 for one item. I can often beat or match the thrift store prices by waiting for really good sales at places like Penneys or Kohls.

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