Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Deals!

First of all, I have to thank Lesley for getting me the watch from Target! I owe you big time! If you won't accept cash for it, I'll be sending you a nice Christmas package girl! I'm so excited that I can know what time it is again soon!

I decided to do Black Friday this year because my amazing hubby gave in to my desperate pleas for a newer, nicer camera that was on a GREAT sale today. I've been wanting an upgrade for a year, but my little Fujifilm camera has done well especially considering the thousands of pics I take. I was willing to do WHATEVER it took to earn extra money on the side to buy this camera but King Jo decided to give me most of the money we earned from the landlord's raking leaves throughout October here. So, even though I never thought he'd O.K. the camera thing, he won the "Husband of The Year" award from me by telling me to go and get it! I was soooo excited! Having never done Black Friday before, I was a bit nervous, but I dutifully got up at 3:30a.m. after ZERO sleep due to a fussing child, picked up my buddy Amy, and we headed out on the 30 minute drive. We hit Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Walgreens. There were more people than I've ever seen there and I was thankful not to have a cart due to the jams of carts and people everywhere, but everyone was so courteous and laid-back and not fighting over things. We even checked out way faster than we do on a normal day in Wal-Mart. They had so many checkers we got through the lines instantly. I was so bummed because they first told us they couldn't find the cameras in their warehouse and that we'd have to skip the deal or substitute for a camera with half the perks as a replacement. I had given up hope of them finding the cameras and finally went looking for Amy and happened upon a stack of them further down the aisles that the Photo Center Employees didn't even know about! Yeah! Bet you can't guess what I've been doing today!

Walgreens had some COOl deals today! I spent $70 total, but about $35 was on gift cards and I'll be getting at least $20 back in rebates. My ticket said I saved $69! I got paid a buck or two to buy a few things and a few other things were free! Everything else I bought was on a really good sale and will be perfect for Christmas gifts for our families. Amy and I, along with many other women we knew who were shopping Walgreens, hit up the Patriot candles deal, since we've heard they are comparable to Yankee candles, but are about half the price! 3 very large, high-quality candles for $7.99! We also took advantage of the $1.99 Tide (which was way less with my coupons).

Hopefully you'll all be seeing better photos on my blog in the future as I experiment with my fun new toy! Thank you Husband for a dream come true!

P.S. If you're a shopper and love great deals, like I do, Black Friday is so much fun! At least out here in hick-ville, anyway! I'm going to have to go every year now!

Anyone else got a Black Friday story?

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