Friday, November 2, 2007

Operation Christmas Child Boxes

It was so much fun this year to shop with the kids for Shoebox gifts. Alathia was chattering up a storm as she picked out gifts for a little girl her age. Jeremiah just sat in cart with a stunned look on his face, holding the neat little boy toys I picked out for him. He must have been thinking, "What's up with Mom today? She's actually buying me new toys?"

I encourage you to partake in this with your own kids!


Mrs. T said...

Is this with Angel Tree or something else? I always enjoyed doing that :)

Chris & Natasha said...

I have a laundry recipe I received from Jessica W. a wonderful friend fo mind. I would be happy to share it with you, I just got it last week! It will allow you to cross of one of your New Years goal's early!! YIPPEE! I have the recipe at home, I have not yet been able to make it, as I still have detergent on hand. However, Jessical swears by the stuff so I am sure it is fantastic. She figured out the cost, and it was less than $0.20 a load..WOW!! What a savings! I am still doing some research as I have a set of front laoding machines, and I am not quite sure how much "soap" I should use. I think it will just take some expiramenting as with the normal laundry soap I only need 1 tsp -1 TBSP. I will grab the recipe and pass it on sometime this weekend.

Mrs. Jo said...

Mrs. T, this isn't Angel Tree. It's with Samaritan's Purse, which Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) heads up. They do about 7 million shoeboxes a year to kids in poor countries.

Mrs. T said...

Oh I see :D My parents were heavily involved in prison ministries, so I'm more familiar with Angel Tree. :D

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