Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cool King Jo

My hubby can pull some pretty cool moves on his BMX bike. But what's even cooler is that he gave up this sport even though he loves it because he didn't want to kill himself off since he's a husband and father.

Family Devotions

From the time we were married (4 years ago this June) King Jo has made an effort to have family devotions. Those of you who strive for this know that it's not at all easy, especially with various activities going on in the evening. I am so thankful he never gives up and keeps bringing us back to them even when we've had a week or two where we have forgotten them in the rush of daily life. The thing that has most helped us keep on track is assigning one day of the week to something. We've been doing this for about a year. This is how our family does it:

Monday-Bible Study night (no family devos)

Tuesday-Prayer for our country, our church/leaders

Wednesday-Prayer for missionaries and friends who need the Lord

Thursday-Study a passage in the Bible together

Friday-Prayer for our family (folks, sisters, brothers, kids, etc.) This one is the one that gets forgotten the most since we usually do a date-night-in on Friday nights and rent movies. Bad priorities, I know! We'll have to start our dates off from now on with prayer.

Saturday-No devotions since we almost always are with family or friends on a Sat. night. This is our "make-up" night too where if we've forgotten to pray for family on Friday night, we can do it on this night.

Sunday-Read a Proverb and discuss it.

We also try to read Ali and Jer a Bible story before bed. Josiah has been doing that for her since the day she was born! I try to read a Psalm or Proverb to Ali after breakfast and we sing some of her favorite Bible songs. Then she watches her allotted 30 min. of TV a day, her Bible Verse Songs DVD, which she LOVES! We pray with her before naps and bed too and often sing with her throughout the day.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Be a Yay-Dee

I finally found a way to get my toddler to cooperate! It all started with my friend Heather sending me a link to an article on how to raise your daughters to be ladies. I began talking to Ali about what ladies do and don't do. She so desperately wants to be a lady that she will pout and cry if I tell her she's being naughty and not acting ladylike. She'll say, "Wanna be yay-dee!" If I tell her she's getting a spanking or a time-out it doesn't phase her. She doesn't care. But if I tell her she's not being a lady, she howls! It's so cute to see how she's latched onto this concept from such an early age. She'll often talk about being a lady throughout the day. If she does something she knows is wrong, sometimes she'll say, "Yay-dees don't do dat" before I even have a chance to. Let this be an encouragement to those of you with daughters! This is my little lady with her "Lady Glass" that Heather got her for her 2nd Birthday. (It's a fancy plastic heart goblet)
The link to the article on raising ladies:


Anyone have a toddler and still not believe in original sin? I didn't think so!

What I Do, Part 2

What do I do ALL DAY LONG?
I mostly CLEAN!!! These pictures tell it all. Multiply these messes by a hundred and you have an idea of what I do every day! By the way, I didn't tell my toddler to do this with her play dough. She figures stuff like this out on her own. I'm so thankful for Magic Eraser!

Monday, February 26, 2007

What I Do

Can any of you moms relate to the feeling that you are running but not going anywhere? For instance, I scrubbed the floor with vinegar today because I couldn't stand the constant crumbs and stickyness. I sweep about 3-4 times a day on average. About 1 hour after I had scrubbed the floor there were crumbs all over it. Then a couple of hours later, my toddler was covered in black refried beans, and thus so was much of the floor. I do dishes only to see a stack appear again instantly. I do laundry only to have my little one wet on me or have to change both kids' outfits 4 times a day. The stack never seems to end. I pick up toys and try to organize only to see the same toys littering the floor seconds later. I feel like I'm busy ALL day long doing things, but at the end of the day, there are still endless messes to clean up and work to be done. I just have to keep PERSPECTIVE and realize that if my kids are alive today, I have accomplished a LOT! My kids' bottoms are dry and there is a delicious meal on the table. My husband has a warm and friendly place to come home to for lunch and after work where he is loved and where there are good things in the fridge because I've shopped. The lights and computer work because I mail the bills. My kids are happy to have their mommy's company and attention rather than a stranger's. My baby is growing out of all his clothes because of the milk my body makes and all of those continual feedings. I need to remember that even though it feels like I'll never catch up or get a day off, I'm doing the most important job in the world. I'm not only sustaining life for two very precious little beings, but I'm shaping immortal souls through the lessons that I teach and live.

Daddy's Hands

King Jo is a loving father. Here is his hand, holding Jeremiah when he was 10 days old. My talented friend Leah took this photo in her makeshift studio in her basement. I'm so glad King Jo adores babies and doesn't think parenting is the woman's job. He will raise Jeremiah to be a godly man and a spiritual leader of a family.

I love taking PICS!

I love taking pictures! It doesn't matter what it is, I will photograph anything and everything! Kids are such great subjects for photos since they are always changing and growing and they are undeniably cute!

Family Genes

Who do our kids look like? You decide! The first is King Jo as a baby, then two of Mrs. Jo, then Jer and Ali.

How I Met Mr. Wonderful

Those of you who know me personally know I love to debate! So of course I made the most of EVERY opportunity to debate theology in my early college years. I was in Christian Ministries class and the teacher told us to pair up with the person to our right and discuss our ministry passions. Guess who was on my right? We discussed our thoughts. My first impression of King Jo was that he was very shy and not very confident. He was wearing a Christian T-Shirt. I don't even remember what it said, but it had some typical Christian slogan on the back that I found to be somewhat "man-centered.". Since I was a new and very zealous defender of Reformed theology, I of course, decided to take the opportunity to tease him about it. I simply pointed to his shirt and said, "I used to believe that too." Then I left class, hoping I had encouraged yet another person to think more deeply about what they believed.

King Jo was absolutely driven to distraction by my comment and tracked me down a day later in the girl's dorm (it was a huge step for shy King Jo to enter this estrogen infested territory). He wanted to know what I meant. So I handed him a 500 page paper on TULIP and gave him a bunch of tapes and a theological lecture. What a way to win a man's favor!!! Who would have guessed that this hard-headed debater who loved to laugh at guys with faulty logic and hopeless devotion to man-centered theology and this quiet 17 year old with a deep and tangible faith would embark on an incredible friendship that ended in a wild romance?

*Of course he ended up embracing the same theology after careful study and numerous conversations on the subject, otherwise I would have never even consider courting him!*
*King Jo worries that this post might offend some of my non-Calvy friends. I assure those of you that disagree that you are no less a friend to me or no "less spiritual" than I because of your different perspective. But I'm not ashamed of what I believe either and don't mind stating it on my blog.*

Isn't it awesome how God can use even our most obnoxious traits to fulfill His plan in our lives?

Mom of 2

Sometimes I don't find having two children to be that difficult. Other days it feels like I'm running from the moment I get up until nearly midnight when I crash into bed, only to be awakened twice in the night for feedings. I love being a mom, but it's the toughest job I've ever had. It's also the job I love the most! Sometimes it feels like the easiest job in the world, and other days the toughest!

Ali Joy

Our Little Ali is such a passionate girl! When she is happy, she is really, really happy, but when she is mad, WATCH OUT! She is definitely a handful but lots of fun!


This is our "Little Man." Other nicknames: Jer, Baby Miah, Jeronimo, J-Dog, Monkey
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