Thursday, November 29, 2007

Frugal Friday--Cheap and Practical Gift

Here is a cute gift idea for those of you who get tons of free medicines at Walgreens or CVS with couponing. I put together this "Get Well Soon" kit for a gift for my husband's family's random Christmas gift exchange coming up. I wasn't sure what to get and I realized that almost anyone, man or woman, can use the items in this care package. Or it can be given to a special friend who is sick.

It includes: Chicken noodle soup, Theraflu, Fortifense immunity booster, kleenex, Advil PM, hand sanitizer and cough drops. I paid no more than $2 for all of this! That's a frugal gift!


Cheri said...

That's a great idea - thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

What a great idea!!! My shelves are surely over flowing so I needed this tip!

Donna said...

I like how you packaged it too! Could you elaborate on how you did that--it looks like you used cellophane wrapping-or is it in a cute box with a clear lid?

-V- said...

Oh man! Now I know one of my Christmas gifts early! ;-)

Sparrow said...

Thank you for an excellent idea!
Why didn't I think of that?

Catherine said...

Great idea, now if only I could think of a similar gift made with all my free CVS toothpastes!!!! :)

Mrs. Jo said...

I should have told you to skip today's posts! Oh well, the odds of you ending up with this gift at the family exchange are slim!


My little boy recently had a birthday and we bought him a set of wooden blocks that came in a clear plastic box. I used the paper gingham-checked bag the cashier had put the blocks in and cut it with fancy scissors so that I could line the back of the box with it and tape a strip to the top to make it look nice. I used a marker to make the little sign that says Get Well Soon Kit. A cute basket would work very nicely for this stuff too. Cute Christmas tins or a large Ziploc container might work too.

You could use all those toothpastes to put together travel kits. Include a tube of toothpaste, toothbrush from the dollar store or from freebies, a little ziplock of Q-tips, cotton balls and band-aids, some travel shampoo, and little bottles of medicine. I'm sure a college student, businessman, missionary, or outdoorsman would appreciate having a little travel kit on hand that would enable them to save time on packing for trips/events. I personally prefer a large tube of toothpaste in my travel bag since we have a family of 4 and often stay 10 days on our trips and one tiny tube of toothpaste would run out too quickly.

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