Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Must-See Movie

I apologize to those of you who saw this movie months ago in the theatre! Cut me some slack since I live in Hickville and it never came to our town and so I was excited to watch it this week when it came out on DVD.

Amazing Grace.

Wow, what a movie! I love seeing a quality film that teaches a lesson and glorifies God! I was so inspired by the story of William Wilberforce, which I'm sure I studied in High School but hadn't remembered. The main lessons I take with me from this film:

*Following God down a hard path that involves suffering for His sake.

*Standing up for righteousness even when you are alone.

*Fighting injustice with everything that's in you and not growing complacent.


*God can and will use young people to fulfill seemingly impossible tasks.

*The influence an excellent woman can have on her husband. The joy of supporting one's husband in great endeavors.

*The power of God to save depraved and sinful men.

*The responsibility that comes with knowledge.

*A model for us today of a zealous man of God who was used of God to change his world.


Karly Susanne Napier said...

Hey, King's Missus!

I was just surfing through blogs and saw two things we have in common: Christ and Wyoming. I only recently started blogging with"Blogger" and don't have much time...All that to say it's hard for you to find out much about me, but I will be checking out your site some more! I'm encouraged to read things from other Christian homemakers.


-V- said...

Ha! Well Ed and I aren't in Hicksville and just saw 'Amazing Grace' this past weekend too - so don't feel bad. ;-) It IS a beautiful movie, isn't it? Loved it...

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Hey Linds,
Yeah, I just saw the movie last weekend too! I was so impressed with it also! I never did study his life in HS, so it was amazing to her all he went through to stop slavery in England. What a chain reaction he created also! God truly blessed his life work! On another note, I've always loved the name "william" for a boy.. this just strengthens my love for it even more! :) So fun to have clean good movies to watch!

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