Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Names You Always Wanted...

For those of you who were once little girls who elaborately named your doll collection and had lists and lists of names picked out for your future children: This post is dedicated to you. For, once a girl marries, she often hits the hard truth of realizing that you have to actually agree with another human being on naming your child, and often that other human being is very opinated and dislikes 99.9% of your favorite names. Now, there are some pretty laid-back guys out there who don't give naming much thought and leave it mostly up to their wives. My dad was like this. To this day, he still lets us pick out names for his horses sometimes. It's hard not to be envious of husbands like that because my husband wants to be 100% involved in EVERY aspect of the naming process and is very stubborn and opinionated at times (hey, we're a great match!) I guess I should be thankful that my husband is a very hands-on parent who seeks to find the best name he can for his kids according to its' meaning and his own tastes.

So, this post is to declare the names you WOULD have chosen if you had complete free reign in naming the kids.

So, without further ado, here is my list of what our kids would be named and how these names would be spelled if we had 6 girls and 6 boys.


Justice Colter (after my brother Colter)
Shea (pronounced shay) Elijah
Abraham James
Judah Honor
Asher Jonathan
Ephraim James

Other cool boys' names: Leeland, Clay, Creed, Markios, Matthias, Shadrach, McCall, Christian, Stefan


Alaythea Joy (our daughter is Alathia Joy, Alathia is the Greek word for truth)
Karis Faith (Karis is the Greek word for Grace)
Evangeline Hope
Delaney Rose
Julianna Lindsey
Susanna Laine

Other pretty girls' names: Jubilee, Mercy, Bethany, Priscilla (Prisca), Savannah, Kristianna, Katarina or Ekatarina, Alyssa, Kari, Liberty, Fidelia

Maybe after reading these you'll be glad my husband didn't okay these names! Please leave your own lists in the comments section!


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

I love your topics you choose!
I have often wondered the same thing as a wife.. Josh has proven very opinionated about names too, but I've decided I like it! It;s nice to have him care about naming our children! Plus it gives a fun story for the kids about how they were named. :) (I picked Leah's first name, he chose the middle name Rose. kind of fun)
My ideal names would be:

Gabriel William
Noah Andrew
Caleb Joshua
Nathaniel Mark

Rebekah Hosannah
Hope Kristen

I can't honestly think of anymore.. before i married into Josh's male-dominated family (lol) I had these names I liked too, but now they are all my bro's and sis's in law! (Still a possibilty I know) :)

Joshua, James, Jonathan, Josiah, Merry, Hannah.

Mrs. Gunning said...

First off, I JUST saw the pictures of your family in the sidebar (how I ever missed those, I won't know!) and you are all so beautiful!

Secondly, I love this thread!

If I were to have boys and could name them anything I wished:

James Leeland (the middle names from both my grandfathers)
Xavier James
Jacob Nolan

And for girls:
Evelyn Rose
Justice Evangaline (it sounds beautiful to me and reminds me of what we *should get* and what we receive through Salvation :) )

I also like the name Constance, Lucy, Lance, Noah, Ashton, Ruth, Ruby and Michael.

-V- said...

Ha! Ed and I had a rare problem... we mainly agreed on everything. But we couldn't think of hardly any names we liked that also meant something meaningful and weren't over-used... Good thing 'Eva' worked out. If we have a boy, we're up a crick! ;-)

Kristin said...

Nate and I had a hard time deciding on a boy's name this time around. I wanted Noah, he wanted Nolan, and neither of us wanted to budge. Even though we didn't know the gender ahead of time, I was convinced I was having a boy and it bothered me that we couldn't decide on a name. When he did indeed come out a boy, I looked at Nate in the delivery room and said "so what's his name?" So we got Noah this time, and I suppose the next boy we have I'll have to let Nate choose. :-)

Boy Names (I have no idea on middle names)

Girl Names
Natalie Grace
Ava Faith

Meredith said...

Names are interesting, and maybe moreso now that we're choosing someone ELSE'S name FOR THEM! When our first was born, we had decided on the name, but before we called anyone, we looked at each other and said, "Are we SURE? This is pretty close to a permanent decision.

My boy names, starting with two actual given names:

Isaac Francis
Simon Benedict
Dominic William
Puppy Dog


Miriam Ann
Cecilia Louisa
Kitty Cat

Alright, so I'm totally kidding about little P.G. and K.C. up there. But that's just the thing - some parents might do that just because they CAN! Scary. :)

SamAndHisGirls said...

There have been many names that I have loved that my hubby wouldn't go for so when I came up with both of our girls' names and he actually liked them, I decided I better take what I could get before he changed his mind!
He always came up with the silliest reasons for not liking my favorites and it drove me nuts and when I asked him for suggestions, he would just joke and come up with all sorts of wacky names he knew I would never go for! He seemed to know at least one person that had the name I liked and that would ruin it for him. Ahhh! But, it all worked out in the end and if we ever have another child, we'll just go back to the endless name discussions that never seem to go anywhere until I come up with a lovely name and he loves it too!

Girl names I like: (can't ever think of middle names until later for some reason)

Brielle or Briella
Aubrie and Kayley of course :)



Jason & Tanya said...

When Jenna was born Jason and I had fairly quickly came to the decision that her name would be Jenna Michelle. However after seeing her and the circumstances that happened before she was born...i.e. passing of my mom, we named her Jenna Marie. I had c-sections with both of my kids and she was stuck and it was a mess anyway, before she took her first breath of air we noticed that she was holding her hands exactly how my mom held her hands when she slept. It was so precious so that's how she got her name. Nathan was just Nathan Duane from the time we found out he was a boy. Jason's grandpa's name is Duane Nathan so we just swapped them. On our third, we are still trying to decide and we have a lot of time (especially since it is an adoption). I am sure we will use part of her Chinese name as her middle name or part of her first name. Also I think it depends on when you first lay eyes on them and it's almost like you know what their names are supposed to be. I don't know if I am the only one that has that?!

Mrs. Jo said...

I forgot to put Hosannah on my list! I love that name and my husband always says absolutely not!

Merry is really cute!

Mrs. Gunning,
Thanks for the compliment! We really don't look like that in real life; when you're blogging you can choose the "nicest" pics to display! =)
I like Jacob Nolan and Leeland James too!

How nice to be able to agree on most names! It is hard finding something unique and not outlandish. I love your daughter's name!

That's a funny story! I guess Nate took pity on you for having to go through labor. Can you imagine having a Nathan, Nolan, and Noah all in the family? Tongue twister! Noah was one of our #1 or #2 names for a long time on our list. I forgot to add that Zachariah is one of my all-time favorite boys names. Natalie Grace and Ava Faith are really pretty too.

You really had me going there for a minute! Can you imagine? I guess you can since celebrities seem to think it's fun to mess with their kid's names. Isaac and Simon are names I really like too!

All of your girl names are so feminine and pretty-sounding and I could go for every one of your boys' names too. It will be fun to see which one you use next!

Cool story of how Jenna got named! I wish you the best on finding a name for your daughter from China. I'm not like you in seeing the baby and deciding they "look like" a certain name. By that point I'm just desperate for us to make a complete and final decision without my husband changing his mind on it!

Lyndi said...

This was interesting to read. My story was the same as Kristin's and "samandhisgirls." Brandon wouldn't say we could name our boy (if we had one-which we did) Cayden and he wouldn't say why-he just wouldn't agree. Then when I would ask him which name he wanted he said slashbeast, gunther and some other equally ridiculous name.(he wasn't serious and slashbeast was something his co-workers came up with, I think b/c of some conversation about celebrities) Once he was born I looked at Brandon and said, "is his name Cayden" and he said "yes"-with tears in his eyes:) So I got my name, but he chose the spelling. I wanted Caiden, Brandon liked it with the y. It was and sometimes still is hard for me to make sure I spelled his name right, b/c it wasn't what I had imagined for all those months:) but I figure I'll get used to it eventually:) Also, like Meredith said-it was weird that I was choosing someone elses name for them! It's such a huge responsibility-I guess it gets you ready for parenting:)

Lyndi said...

I forgot to leave my picks:

I liked Mical (Michael) Alan

b/c that is Brandon's middle name and my dad's first name-but b/c it is an unusual spelling (his mom picked it) I didn't want to make things difficult for him in school and I didn't want Mike-which I knew it would get shortened to. So we decided on Cayden Mical.

For girls:
I like
Taylor Jean or Taylor Jo, I can't decide on the middle name. \
I also is pronounced like "Rye ah", but i don't know how i'd spell it:) any suggestions? I want people to be able to look at my children's names and know how to pronounce them. I've had so many different pronuctiations with Lyndi that I don't want to give my kids too hard of a time:)

bonnie said...

I love this post!! Ok here we go!!!


Malachi Jim
Justice Patrick
Elias Damon
Derek Nathaniel
Blake Colin
Richard Samuel
Gabriel Dean


Kiersta Sue
Hadassah Kathleen
Zoe Clarice
Neela Saroja
Eliza Shabana
Anna Miranda
Dixie Barbara

I think that that is all of them. I'm not married since I'm only fifteen, so these are still my dream names!!

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