Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Mrs. Jo......

I decided to copy Crystal at in doing a Q and A post since it's a great idea for finding out what your blogreaders want to know. I love finding out more about others and questions spark great topics and discussions. I don't pretend to have all the answers and I don't want to set myself up as a know-it-all. But, I do read a lot, have many friends who have lots of interesting experiences, and I love to research. So, if you want to ask me a question, ask away!

I'll do my best to answer them, whether silly or serious, random or related to homemaking, personal (as long as they are appropriate) or general. And if I don't have a clue how to answer them, I'll be honest and admit it!'s one light-hearted question for you all, to get the ball rolling.....

What is the goofiest pick-up line someone has used on you?

Here's 3 of mine (by the way, I decided not to wait until 10 comments because no one is online this weekend or if they are, they aren't commenting!)

#3. "I've got room on my motorcycle if you want to go to Sturgis with me." Spoken by a very drunk guy who sat down with me at the picnic table in front of the grocery store where I worked and was taking a lunch break.
Note* I've also been asked out by another drunk guy when I was working a the deli in the grocery store. He asked multiple times so I finally started saying, "Jesus Loves You" to him over and over. Then cops came and handcuffed him and arrested him right in front of me. I guess he had also been offering drugs to the bag boys!

#2. "Howdy M'am." Now, upon first appearance, this might not seem so creepy. But, in context it is! Picture a guy who is lovesick, to the point of being a borderline stalker. Keep in mind that I was the only girl at college from the West and the only one who ever wore cowboy hat and boots around sometimes. You don't see a lot of real cowboys in MN. So, when a guy approaches you in a hat, boots, and western attire, dressed up just for you, and specifically tips his hat at you with a lovesick grin and says, "Howdy M'am" it's just plain creepy! He also had a rabbit fur hat he specifically wore because I wore one on the really cold days. Consequently this guy was upset when I started dating King Jo and then called me up after our engagement and told me it wasn't gonna last and that I could always fall back on him if things didn't work out!

Drumroll please.......The All-Time, Number One, Will-Forever-Make-Me-Groan Pick-Up Line.....(and no, it was not King Jo who used it....)

#1. "I could see myself becoming a Calvinist for you!"


Lyndi said...

Ok, I'm curious as to the pick up lines. Can I just comment 10 different times-will that count? :)
(That I can remember, I haven't had pick up lines used on me)

Mrs. T said...

"Would you like to come with me, little girl, on a magic carpet ride"?

Said by a man of middle eastern descent, complete with accent.

Mrs. T said...

Oh, and for Q&A:
What is your opinion of "attachment parenting"?

How did you and King Jo meet? :)

Mrs. Jo said...


My answers to questions count as comments so it won't be long before the answers are revealed!

Mrs. T,
That pick up line is hysterical and creepy! Hopefully you turned him down, unless he is your current husband who was just playing a joke!

Mrs. T,

I'm for some aspects of attachment parenting. I've tried the co-sleeping and slings with my babies and I think it works well for some families. With our first, it worked well to have her sleep between us the first few months of life because of being able to hear her breathing (paranoid first-timers) and nurse her with very little effort in the night. But, when she started hogging the bed we put her in her own crib! Neither of my babies liked the sling either!

I don't think aspects of attachment parenting are wrong where they don't contradict the Bible. Letting kids cry it out might or might not be beneficial depending on the parent. We let our daughter do it for about 15 minutes for 2 nights and after that she was sleeping through the night at 7 months. However, the crying out thing didn't work with our son at all. Letting kids nurse for several years could be beneficial and is fine if the mother wants to. I've heard that in Bible times kids nursed until seven years old sometimes! I prefer to wean at 1 year or shortly after due to the fact that I produce very little milk by then and they start biting!
Where I would disagree with AP is when you let your life become totally child-led and set no boundaries and limits on your children. Letting them know right and wrong and spanking them for rebellion is Biblical. Some kids will need more spanks than others and spanking isn't always the best way to discipline, but I do believe in it, and some AP parents definitely don't. I do not let my kids run the show or manipulate me with their whining and demands. This is not to say I don't love them and spend most of my time serving/training/cleaning/feeding them, but they need to know that they are not the authority in the family. Does this answer your ? Do you follow AP?

Mrs. Jo said...

Mrs. T,

King Jo and I met in Bible College in Northern MN. He was a local boy and I was from over 1,000 miles away. We briefly met at an early registration weekend in the summer, but didn't talk much. He was very shy and quiet (and by VERY, I mean VERY, VERY, VERY). In the fall, we were then in most of our classes together and it being a small school, we saw each other all day, every day. One of the first days of Christian Ministries class, we were told to turn to the person on our right and discuss the chapter on ministry passions and goals and share our passions/goals. Guess who was my partner? Our first real conversation was about how we wanted to serve God and what our spiritual gifts were.
The main way I "hooked" *l* King Jo was my belligerent and debating personality! I was always debating theology with people on campus, having become a newly converted Calvinist in my Sr. year of high school. King Jo was wearing a T-shirt one day in class with a Christian slogan on it saying something like, "You Can't Talk Me Out of It, Because I Wasn't Talked into It!" I asked him what his shirt meant. He said, "Well, you can't talk me out of it because I chose to follow Christ, it wasn't something anyone talked me into."
I said, "Oh. I used to believe that too." Then I walked away. I hoped my comment would inspire him to wonder what I meant so that I could explain that I wasn't a big believer in the "I CHOSE God" phrases but would rather put it, "God saved me" or "God brought me to repentance."
I can't remember if he hunted me down that night or the next but he was driven to distraction by my comment so this shy, 17-year old guy, swallowed his fear and entered the Girl's Dorm Lounge(scary territory for a shy guy!) to find me. When I was told I had a visitor, I came out to find him and he asked me what I had meant by my comment. I proceeded to give him 8 tapes on Reformed theology, a 500 page essay on the subject written by a friend of mine back home, and a big verbal dissertation on it too. Romantic, huh? In the midst of busy college studies, he looked it over that first year and argued it back and forth with me and finally came to a place of being a begruding Calvy too. Since then, as he's read even more, he's even more dedicated to this viewpoint, but he's never been as passionate or as driven about it as I have been. He models a humble, devoted walk with God and likes to serve behind the scenes. We were friends our freshman year, started courting our sophomore year and were engaged throughout our Junior year. We were married after our Junior year at age 20 and 21!

Mrs. T said...

Thanks for your answers!

Yes, I turned that man right down. ;) I don't think Hubby used any pick-up lines on me until AFTER we were married. LOL.

I kind of see AP as Biblical ideas twisted into humanistic and sinful ideals. So while I believe in a lot of the practices of AP, I do them for Biblical or moral/ethical/instinctual reasons. And therefore, as well, I depart from AP where it puts the child at the center of the universe and does not value discipline and morals over feelings and temporary experiences. I believe that psychology is useful...when it doesn't contradict the Bible. And I believe that a lot of the tenants of AP could be traced back to God's original design for a parent-child relationship, but unfortunately they have been twisted into a humanistic philosophy. :)

I say this because some people have a huge problem with AP because at its core it is not Biblical. I say, they are copycats. :P And a poor imitation as well! If a vitamin dropped into the dirt and got covered with mud, I'd rather wash the vitamin off and eat it than either eat it in all its muck-covered glory or refuse it because I don't want to see beyond the mud.

With that said, I sure don't call myself an "attachment parent". I don't want people to confuse me with its connotations. :)

Mrs. T said...

er...tenets, not tenants. You know, core values, not renters...LOL

Oh, how embarrassing. *blush*

Mrs. T said...

Those are GREAT pick-up lines btw! :D

Munkamama said...

Being a Calvinist (before I even knew that I was b/c I didn't even know that terminology) I like that pick-up line best.

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