Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Walgreens Deals of the Week

All this, plus one pound of butter, which isn't pictured because it's in the fridge, for $6.06 out of pocket! And I'll get $2.20 back in rebates! How is that possible? Well, as I discovered on the drive home, my cashier goofed on one coupon. My printed internet coupons never scan so she manually typed it in. She typed in $7.60 instead of the 76 cents she was supposed to. I will, of course, mention this on my next trip and offer to pay back the $6 something. However, if they have a policy like some stores, mistakes go to the customer. But even for the $10 ($12 total -$2 Rebate on candles) this actually would have cost me, it's still a LOT of stuff. 3 rolls of Hallmark giftwrap, 4 rolls of ribbon, 2 Glade candles (they smell up the house so well!), a thing of raisins, 3 handsanitizers, 2 gums, 2 Theraflu medicines, 1 Fortifense immunity booster, 1 Vive Pro shampoo and 1 Vive Pro conditioner, and butter.

Last Saturday night Crystal posted about the coming deals for the following day at Walgreens. I'm tired of our local paper not having all of the good coupons she gets. So, I got on and ordered a few Purell coupons and the Buy One Get One Free Vive Pro Nutrigloss coupon. They cost just 10-25 cents each. You had to buy a minimum of $3 and then pay one or two stamps shipping. Because I had to buy $3 worth of coupons, I got some battery coupons (we go through tons of those) and diaper coupons and Silk soymilk coupons. All stuff I will buy, so it's totally worth the cost. It took about 5 days for them to come in the mail, with 2 days to spare on the weekly sales!

Had I bought these items on sale or with coupons at Wal-Mart, I would have spent $32. Total saved at Walgreens today: $50.

What did I actually pay for? If the cashier hadn't made her mistake I would have paid $2 for the raisins, $2 for the pound of butter, $2 for the 3 rolls of wrapping paper, $1 for the 3 medicines, $1 for the ribbon, $3 on the candles (but with a $2 rebate to come) and tax. The shampoo/conditioner, gum and sanitizers were totally free. The great thing is that I actually made $1 by buying the 3 handsanitizers! That dollar more than pays for the coupons I had to buy to get these deals!

P.S. The reason I didn't really catch the cashier's mistake is because I was shopping with my husband and son and didn't have time to add up the total cost of it in my head and was in a hurry so the people behind me could get through the line.

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