Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spoil King Jo Week

Every now and then I have a Spoil King Jo Week where I make a concerted effort to make one of King Jo's favorite meals or desserts or both every night for a whole week. I know some of you think I ought to be doing this EVERY week without fail, but that would be tough on our budget and tough on our waistlines too! In all honesty, when asked what foods he's been craving this week, my hubby told me he's happy with the meals I make and it took him a long while to come up with 2 suggestions. We both like most of the same foods and have our favorites often. So, it's not like he's an unhappy and underpriviledged husband when it's NOT his special week to be spoiled. Having the special week idea in mind just helps to remind me to look for little ways to bless him daily with food that's a bit nicer than our normal fare and since guys seem to LOVE food, this is a great start!

His two suggestions for things we haven't had in a while were: hamburgers and subs. It just so happened that really high-quality hamburgers were on manager's special last night so I snatched them up! Last night we had buffalo chicken tenders and fried potatoes with onions, which are two of his favorites. Tonight we will have Chow Mein on rice and possibly an apple pie and the remaining days will include: hamburgers, subs, coconut peanut butter cookies, cheesecake (if I can swing it in the budget), chicken alfredo, and hashbrowns.

Try this sometime with your own husband! If you are still living at home or are single and living with roommates it might be fun to have a Spoil Someone night every night of the week as a way to bless them in a small way!

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea! What a wonderful way to intentionally spend time thinking about special things for your husband. These times/thoughts are so important in a marriage! It reminds me not only of spending special time thinking of meals but also those other things in your marriage that make your spouse feel really loved. Sometimes you just get in the grind of life and forget to take time to think about those special things for each other!

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