Friday, November 16, 2007

My Deals this Week

Thanks to Carrie's post this week on Safeway deals I got 6 boxes of Wheat Thins for $2. I wish our store would double or that I would have had another couple coupons on hand so I could have gotten them free or made money on them like she did! They are on a $1.66 a box on sale, there's one flyer coupon you can use to get $1.30 off, and I used one 55 cents coupon off Nabisco crackers. Then at the register, it automatically knocks $6 off for a Nabisco promo that's been running for a month now.

Because I've been really interested in buying Basic H at Crystal's recommendation or Bio-Kleen at Kimi's recommendation, I decided to check out a new place in town that carries organic and "green" stuff. My new neighbor next door is the crunchiest person I've ever met and she tipped me off to the fact that JB's Smokehouse in town is also a mini-health food store too. Who would have thunk it? So, I found this stuff that is biodegradable, non-toxic, natural scents (real spruce oil/fir oil) and REVEALS it's ingredients unlike some of the other natural cleaners out there. It was a little under $10 a bottle, which is very frugal since 1.5 TEASPOONS makes a gallon of cleaner. It's too late at night to do the math, but I'm sure I will get about 40-50 gallons of cleaner out of this bottle! I scrubbed the floor today with it and LOVE IT! An all-purpose cleaner that can be used for dish washing and laundry soap if needed (though I plan to ration it and use it for basic cleaning around the house) and it was cheaper to go this route than buy the other brands of cleaners online and have to pay the same price or more PLUS shipping. The cashier threw in this free cloth grocery bag as a community awareness project they are doing so I have a neat new tote bag now!

This cute hooded boy's sweater was a quarter or less (I never pay attention to the cost because my large pile of stuff usually ends up costing $1.50 or less) at the local thrift shop and is in great condition! Our little guy has long limbs and can always use clothing, especially warm winter clothes! And sweaters like this have proved me wrong that boys' clothes just aren't as cute or stylin' as the girly clothes.

A silky, satiny white dress for Ali was only 35 cents at the thrift store this week. It's long, which is hard to find in a dress nowadays and it's very lacey and feminine. She has TONS of clothes, but something I didn't realize in planning her fall wardrobe out is that at this age she is INDEPENDANT and wants to choose her outfits daily. She always wants to wear frilly dresses! So, even though we have a hundred outfits for her, she wears the same 2 or3 dresses everywhere and people are always asking us if we've just had her pictures taken! Her outfits are often very interesting as I will insist on tights or legging pants under her dress on a cold day and she will often wear cowboy boots or snowboots with her dress and a mismatched hat and jacket!

At 35 cents I won't worry about a 2 year old owning this color if it makes her feel like a princess!

Walgreens deals weren't so hot this week. I was all pumped up to get French's Fried Onions for 50 cents so I could make green bean casserole, but our Walgreens didn't have them in stock! I did get a couple more hand sanitizers for free and some yummy Hershey's kisses swirled with candy canes for Christmas gifts at a very decent price. I also took advantage of the vitamin deal because my daughter takes Flinstones daily and will be out soon (and since I've caught King Jo eating her vitamins I snagged some Men's Vitamins for him too!)


Jason & Tanya said...

I love the thrift store in town too! I go to the one by the church, I can't remember what the name of it is but when your kids grow so fast and quickly outgrow clothing before they really get used it pays to go there. They have some really neat things for house decor too. It's like a gigantic yard sale. I love it! And about Ali, it reminds me of when Nathan was little and he would wear his shorts and cowboy boots, even in the winter. Jenna used to have red cowboy boots and would wear them with everything too. It doesn't matter. It shows their identity a little and you know what, they are happier.

I am going to have to really pay attention to how you do the coupon thing and get things for free. I have never really been the person to use coupons, just once in awhile so I would love to learn how to do this. I don't get the paper so I wonder where you get these coupons?! Do you get magazines? I have done coupons for portraits at Sears and printed them online? Is that where you get some of them, online? I guess I have never paid attention.

I also didn't know that JB's carries some "green" things. I think that is great. So you think it was pretty reasonably priced? I have been looking too and I too do not want to have to pay shipping for cleaning supplies. Seems like a waste to me. I will definitely have to remember that when I use up my bleach and Pine-Sol. (I know, so not good) Can you use it as a laundry detergent too. What about clothing softner, like Downey or the fabric sheets. I really like to use them but I don't think they are very healthy for the family or the environment. Have you found anything to replace those that is a little "friendlier". I really haven't looked except I know Melaleuca has some things like that. Just wondering. :)Thanks for the ideas!

Mrs. Jo said...


If I see you at the church Thanksgiving dinner or at church this week I'll answer more of your ?s on couponing. It's tough to find many coupons in this town, but there's a few. I thought all of JB's stuff was pretty reasonable in price for here anyway.

Lyndi said...

About the kids vitamins, dont get the gummy ones, they taste great:) but they are 1/2 the vitamin. I was also doing this deal, and I take the vitamins b/c i'm nursing cayden and the prenatal ones made me sick. but anyway...i take 2 chewables and have to take 4 gummies! i was very bummed at paying twice as much for those as for the chewables.

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