Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Interesting Things my Toddler has Done

Gotten into my lipstick and put it in the wrong area of her face....

Gotten stuck in more objects than I could have ever thought possible!

Aren't you all thankful for Magic Eraser?

Learning to get dressed....do both legs go in the same hole?

Calling to tell Grammy she went potty in her potty chair! Funny thing is the undies ended up around her shoulder instead of where are supposed to go!


Mrs. T said...

Oh my goodness...what a character! She's sooo cute! :D

Here is your Schrute Buck


Jason & Tanya said...

The nice thing is that you will never be bored with her! :) Those pictures crack me up! Did your mom put the curse on you too? My mom did, "wait 'til YOU have kids!" Just imagine what Grant's kids will be like?!! YIKES! :)

Jason & Tanya said...

All kidding, of course!

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