Monday, November 12, 2007

The Biggest Tear-Jerker Ever!

My mom went to a conference in Denver recently and heard Danny Oertli sing and speak. She got his book for me and his CD for herself. I just found some time to read it this weekend. In fact, it's a good thing it's only a 2.5-3 hour read because it is a book you CANNOT put down. My husband chuckled at me all evening because I would be laughing hysterically for several minutes and then sobbing the next moment. My eyes were bloodshot and puffy and red when it was all done. I have never read a book that made me laugh more or cry more. It is a beautiful love story of a young Christian couple, their fight against cancer, and how God is faithful through tragedy and loss. It is a testimony to the greatness of our God in the face of unspeakable hurt and grief.

To quote Tim Challies, a well-known Reformed blogger,

This book encouraged me, even as one who has never experienced so painful and significant a loss. I have little doubt it will be used to touch and to heal many hurting hearts and to prepare others for the pain that is always so nearby in this fallen world. To echo the words of Jerry Bridges in his endorsement, “Mommy Paints the Sky will draw you closer to God.”

Danny's music is also poetic and beautiful. The words are so moving. In my next post I will feature the lyrics to one of his songs that really touched me.

You can buy this book on Amazon, it's VERY cheap to get a used copy, or you can borrow it from me! It will inspire you to live for eternity and to not take a single moment for granted!

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