Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Need a Favor From a MN Person!

For any of you who know me personally or know my husband's family and live in the town in MN they live in and are planning to shop Black Friday sales.....I need a favor!

Target has Timex watches on sale for Black Friday for $12.99 (or so the online sneak-preview site says). I really need a watch and Timex watches last a long time and are high quality. The nearest Target is over 2 hours away and I'm not going that far to do my BF shopping. So, if you are planning to hit the Target sales early and would be willing to grab me a simple Women's Timex watch, I would GREATLY appreciate it. You can give the watch to my sis-in-law and when she notifies me that she got it, I will send a check for the full amount to the person who purchased it for me. Don't buy it if it's over $13 and any of the following styles is fine depending on what they have:
Women's Sleek Ironman (any color)
Easy Reader Women's (Gold with brown straps)
Quick date dress watch in gold

I'm not picky; just need a watch badly! I got so desperate I was actually wearing a children's CareBear watch from Family Dollar for a while (yep, I'm that cheap!). If you want to be my hero, let me know in the comments section. The first person to respond gets the job!

Black Friday deals I hope to get at Walgreens this year:

Tide-$2 use a coupon and get it for $1
Cover Girl Lipstick-$3, use a coupon and get it for $2
Gillette Venus Breeze razor-free with rebate, use a coupon and make $2!


Kristin said...

Sorry Lindsey, I would do it for you but we're going to be gone all day Friday!

SamAndHisGirls said...

Hey Lindsey, I'll get that watch for you! We're not going up to Int'l Falls anymore so we will be home this weekend. I'm going to hit a few other stores that morning but I'll get to Target as soon as I can and hope the watches aren't sold out. Okay bye for now!

SamAndHisGirls said...

P.S. I'll just mail it to you and please don't send me any money because I don't want it! :)

-V- said...

Hello, cousin! :-)

We're taking off for our Thanksgiving get-together in a few minutes, but just wanted to wish your family a Happy Thanksgiving and rich blessings this joyful season. Do we get to see you Dec. 27th?

SO fun that you're out here in blogland... thanks for your comment on Eva's post awhile back. I'm going to add your site to my list of links so maybe we can be in touch a little more often. I love that we have family across the US, living for Jesus, spreading the Word.

Blessings on you and talk to you soon!

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