Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home-made Fuzzi Bunz are GREAT!

I had to do another diaper review to let you all know that after a few weeks of using the diapers I made, I LOVE THEM! I hope to never go back to disposables! These diapers are so easy, spoken from someone who had tried cloth before and found it previously to be gross and time-consuming! These diapers don't need to be changed any more than disposables, are as easy to put on and take off, and never leak! I even tried using them overnight on baby, with two soaker pads inserted instead of one and he didn't leak at all! They are nice and soft on his tiny tooshie and I rinse them out carefully so I can wash them with the regular clothes (but no dishtowels) and always have them on hand since I still have only made 6. So, really, I'm not doing any extra laundry (3-4 diapers a day washed with loads I would have already done isn't extra) and I'm not doing extra diaper changes. The few minutes spent emptying a diaper and rinsing in the sink is worth it considering I don't have to take out a stinky trash as much or smell a poopy diaper that's stinking up the house all day. Every time I use a Fuzzi Bunz diaper on baby Jer, I'm saving our family at least 15 cents! That may not sound like much, but that's $15 a month that I'd rather spend on books or going out to eat! I have a big stash of overnight pull-ups for Ali to use up that I got nearly free on a Walgreens close-out sale, but once they are used up I plan to make some large-sized Fuzzi Bunz-style diapers for her to use during the night. If the Lord gives us more children (like blog reader Tracy, who has 7, 3 in diapers!) we will be saving so much by using these diapers instead of disposables!

If you missed my post on making diapers, find it under my Sewing Projects link on my blog!


Kristin said...

You are so talented Lindsey! Maybe you should become a professional seamstress in your "spare" time! Ha, ha! (I don't even own a sewing machine, but I wish I did.)

Mrs. T said...

Looks awesome :) I didn't find that pocket diapers worked for us, but many people swear by them. :)

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