Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Funny Alarm Clock Story

A couple of nights ago I went to bed a little too "early". As in, being a night owl, it was around 2 a.m. when I rolled into bed. I get to surfing the net or reading and time just flies away from me! So, I was really, really tired and slept very heavily. Apparently, somehow in the night I flipped my alarm clock on so that it went off at 3:30 a.m. (it was still set for then from Black Friday a week ago. I only use it for special times since my kids get me up every day at 6:45 or 7 a.m. without fail.) It screamed out it's blaring, obnoxious sound and King Jo apparently woke up and said, "Turn it off. Did you turn it off?" I hit it, meaning I only hit snooze, and it went off 9 minutes later. He'd ask again, "Did you turn it off?" I'd mumble something like yes and so we'd go back to sleep. This happened 5 times before he came crashing over my side of the bed and unplugged that thing! I guess that all those times I had answered yes, I had really been sleeping. The way I remember it is that I was dreaming that I was trying to upload pictures to my blog. I remember feeling for the alarm clock in the dark, still asleep, but in my dream it was the camera and I was trying to hit buttons to upload pictures. When I would reply "yes" I was thinking that I had gotten a picture uploaded. I had no clue that the alarm clock was going off until it was unplugged by an unhappy hubby who accidentally knocked over my lamp in the process in the dark. (The lamp didn't break). Ali even slept through it all; she must take after Mommy! Her toddler bed is in our room for a while since we've been working on getting Jer to sleep completely through the night, putting him in his own room.
This humorous story reveals that I often dream about things I've done throughout the day, and that I have been known to sleep talk on many different occasions! I also sleep very hard when I'm really tired and sometimes even a screaming baby doesn't wake me right away! This story also reveals some of those interesting aspects of living with another person in this thing called marriage. Sorry Sweetie!


-V- said...

It's okay; someday he'll get older and begin to snore; then the repeat waking can be shared all around... :-)

Mrs. T said...

My husband just doesn't wake up well. Ever. No matter what time he has to wake up, it's always a struggle.

When we were brand newlyweds, he asked me to help him get up. So every morning, I would wake up with his alarm and shake him and talk to him and do anything I could, sweetly and gently, to wake him up. One time, in his still-asleep stupor, he raised his head off the pillow and growled "SHUT! UP!" at me. Of course my feelings were hurt, and I became concerned that I was annoying him more than helping him, so I just stopped. About a month later he realized I'd stopped helping him get up and asked me to do so. I told him what happened and he was astonished! LOL! He didn't remember saying that at all, nor was he annoyed by my antics, he was grateful. I got over it ;)

Lyndi said...

LOL That is soo funny! I also dream about my day-like clipping coupons, I've had more than one dream like that before.

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