Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Great Thoughts from Doug Wilson's Book

I can't recommend the book Reforming Marriage enough. Buy it if you can and if you can't, ask me if you can borrow a copy! It is such a short, concise book and yet PACKED with wisdom and Biblical teaching on marriage, much of which I never saw demonstrated or was taught about as a child.

You can buy it on Amazon, used for as low as $2. Here's the link:

Here is a quote that I really enjoyed from the chapter, "The Marriage Bed is Honorable."

"When a new family is formed, it is formed around a sexual relationship. The Bible teaches us that this marriage relationship portrays Christ and the church. Just as the husband and wife are physically united as one, so Christ and the church are spiritually one. When a husband and wife have a physical union along with spiritual harmony, then it provides a good picture of Christ and the church. A couple who have this physical union, but who are constantly fighting, are constantly lying about Christ and the church.

A husband and wife do not have the option of saying nothing about Christ and the church. If the husband and wife are driving down the street, and some woman who is almost wearing a dress walks by, and he almost drives off the road, then the whole world knows that his wife has been insulted. But the world does not really know why. The husband is saying that, even though Jesus singled out a people for Himself, and then shed His blood for His elect, He is still willing to gawk at strangers. The lie says that Christ is unfaithful to His elect. So mental or physical infidelity is telling a lie about the spiritual faithfulness of Jesus to His people. Christian couples must protect their sexual and spiritual harmony, keeping that unity free from all disruptions. Otherwise, we lie to the world about Christ and the church. When the lie is present, the children in the home usually have the front row seats...." Page 108-109. (bold type is my emphasis)

As one of those kids who had front row seats, I really appreciate the godly teaching in this book!

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Mrs. Gunning said...

I have wanted to read this book for some time. I hope at some point to be able to get a copy. Thank you for sharing a snippet from the book! It excites me even more!

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