Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on Friend

Thanks to those of you who saw my post on helping my friend in Northern MN and prayed for her or proposed to do something to bless her. She called last night to tell me she got a new job! Yay! She's going to be working 2-3 days at a very high-quality care center for 10 residents in a family-style environment. The pay is slightly better than her current job in a bakery and there is opportunity for a substantial raise after only a month.

With her current job offering her 1-2 days a week, she will now be able to work a full week with possible overtime between the two jobs. And if she does an excellent job the CNA job should continue giving her more and more hours and perhaps eventually bring her on full-time. What a huge praise!

Because things have been so tight she could definitely still use groceries or help. It'll be a while until the paychecks come in and the hours build up so if you were planning to give, please don't mean this update means you don't have to now. I also want to let you know that she puts me to shame with her frugality and she doesn't squander gifts. She is eating right now because of generous roommates, and has cut all her expenses down to true necessities.

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Lesley said...

I just talked to her this morning and got to hear about her new job and catch up with her a bit. I'm so happy she got a good job! I'm hoping to get over for a visit sometime in December and it will be fun to see her and have her hold little Christian for the first time. I'll try to do something special for her when I make it over to see her. Thanks for being such a good friend and thinking of her too. She said she talked to you last night too so that was nice! Have a great day!

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