Monday, November 24, 2008

Giftorama!!! Ideas #19 and #20.

I found a few of these little heart-shaped basket-boxes brand new at a yard sale this summer. I crocheted some dishrags and plan to give each of our grandmas one of these and nestle some Hershey's Bliss chocolates in with the dishrag!
These finger puppets at Cabin Fever Books were adorable! There were so many cute ones, I wanted to buy all of them for my kids! However, I limited myself to just one for our favorite librarian, Miss Becky, who loves to use these during Toddler Time story hour. I knew she would love one and would use it with her own granddaughters too. We've been attending her class for about 3 years now (since tiny Ali was in her Babies N' Books class) and I've always wanted to bring her a Christmas gift as a thank-you for being such a wonderful librarian, but I never remember or get too busy. The ironic thing was that while I was in the store, getting ready to buy this puppet, she walked into the store and immediately went over and admired the display of little finger puppets! Go to to browse their puppets and toys. Buy this ballerina puppet at:


Heather said...

Miss Becky is my hero, too! I remember you sharing about Babies and Books, and wishing we had that in our town! She will be so happy to receive your thoughtful present, Lindsey. :)

~Laura~ said...

Arent those washcloths fun to make? (and use) I have been crocheting kitchen towels (the tops) for Cmas gifts this year.. I will do a post on it soon.. hard to though when the people who read my blog will be getting them as gifts! lol Thanks for the fun ideas!

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