Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Request for Help for a Friend

We all know the economy is doing poorly and times are tight for most families. Now imagine how tight they must be for folks who work very low-paying jobs who keep getting hours cut.

One of my best friends could use some help right now and I feel led to mention it since so many of you know my friend and live in her town. She's been taking care of herself ever since she left Indonesia to go to college in MN (she's an MK) and though she's very frugal and lives a very simple life, it's not always easy to pay the bills. She recently got certification to work as a CNA and is job searching and her current low-paying job is majorly cutting her hours. If you know of a job opportunity in this field, give her a call! If you would like to bless her this holiday season with a bag of groceries or $5, I know she would be blown away and so incredibly thankful! She hasn't asked for money or help, and I don't want to embarrass her or anything but I know her very well and I know that she is doing everything possible to be ultra-frugal and times are very, very lean for her. So, for all of you crazy-coupon-shopping gals in Northern Minnesota, here's an opportunity to share with a sister in need. Her parents are giving their lives in service to translate the Bible for the Mpur people, we can help in their ministry by taking care of their girl! =)


S. and Company said...

Hey. I think I know who you're talking about. Would you email me her address so I could send her something? That would be great. Hope all is well for you.
(One more quick question - as the months blend into one another for me, I don't remember when you said the cut-off was for pics for your Cutie Pie page of COF. If it's past the date, no problem. Just thought I'd send out a couple pics this week if it's not too late. ;) I'm sorry I tend to procrastinate/forget all too often these days!

~Laura~ said...

I second what Natalie just said! I was curious abt the cutie pie page thing too.. and other info you might need for COF. I know I can share some groceries as well, let me know where they are going! Thanks!

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