Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Giftorama!!!! Ideas #4 and #5

At a local craft fair this weekend, I found this horseshoe photo frame for my dad! Just his style! And it was wonderful to be able to support my cowgirl-friend-from-church who was selling these!
This pottery is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love pottery and especially this "Fallen Leaf" style. Someday I will have to ask my hubby to buy me some of the larger bowls/serving dishes. These mini bowls were 3 for $10. If I can bring myself to part with them, I will be giving them as gifts to my aunts who love stuff like this.

Since my mom thought they would make good tea bag holders, I am going to give a few tea bags with them. All I need is a pretty ribbon or some raffia to wrap around this and it's ready to go! What a great, and inexpensive gift!

The potter has a web site if you are interested in his gorgeous stuff. It's

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