Friday, November 21, 2008

Giftorama--Ideas #12 and #13

Someone got this belt for Justus for his baby shower (although it's to be used for Jeremiah too!) It was perfect timing. Our skinny-buns Jeremiah can't seem to keep most of the pants he owns from just dropping right off. This one-size-fits-all belt has a magnetic clasp, but neither of my kids can open it when they try so he's going to need help when he potty trains but we love it! You can buy this belt from I believe they sell some in girl styles and have various colors and designs. Often, if you wait for a sale, you can get a good discount but I noticed the shipping charge was pretty high on this site. If you want to be ultra frugal you can try making your own child's belt with colored, thick elastic and velcro. This site, will give you an idea of how to do it, or you can just purchase a belt from this site.
I heard about this book from Girl Talk and was anxious to get it for my kids as a family Christmas present. It is unique in that it talks about how all of the Bible stories correlate to the Savior and point to His coming. I love the artwork in it! Such an interesting book in a world of dumbed-down kid's Bibles. This is a book I would love to read with my kids nightly because it's unique but still rock-solid in truth.

When there is a story about a prophet's letter, sometimes the words are diagonal.

Every now and then the picture is a vertical one instead of a horizontal one.
We got this book for our nephew for his birthday and my kids will open theirs on Christmas Eve!
We got this off Amazon because of the free shipping offer (we combined a bunch of gifts) and it's usually around $11 on,,, and at other Christian book sites.

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The Three 22nds said...

We have that Bible Storybook too. We read one a day. The chapters are kind of long, but tolerable for my 3 and 4 year olds.

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