Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giftorama!!! Ideas #6 and #7

This is the Baby Bee Bop Band set, a Parents Choice toy. It contains maracas and tambourines and chimes, as well as being a drum. After I bought this for Jer, I wondered if all my brain cells had gone on vacation! Even my mom said she had seen this toy and wanted to buy it for the kids but thought I would kill her if she did. Even if it is loud and even if the kids have trouble remembering to beat the drum instead of each other's heads, I wanted them to have a musical toy that was educational and encourages them in making music with Daddy when he plays guitar. Two of Ali's best friends have this toy and my kids play with it constantly when we are at those houses. We know it's sturdy. How do we know? Let's just say that some of our friends' kids like to use the drum as a football helmet! This was originally $27 at Pamida but with a sale it was only $21 and we had a $20 gift card from his birthday! It's a birthday/Christmas gift (the joys of having a birthday close to Christmas!)
There is a store in town that carries the most wonderful, educational toys. It's called Cabin Fever Books. They have all the Melissa and Doug wooden toys and art supplies. This travel paint set will be perfect for Ali's stocking. She paints all the time! It was only $3 for high-quality, non-toxic paint!

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Heather said...

Our girls got the Bee Bop Band for Christmas last year and LOVE it! Excellent choice. :)

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