Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giftorama!!! Ideas #10 and #11

Every year my mom's family has a Christmas cookie-making party and cousin ornament exchange. This year we had to find ornaments for two little boys and a seven-year-old girl. I couldn't find anything I liked online and the stores around here didn't have much. So, I decided what little boy wouldn't think it was awesome to make a Hotwheels car into an ornament? All you need is some gold or silver wire and you're done! This hummer is for cousin Gage.
This jeep is for cousin Kade.

I wanted to get Edaine a figure-skater ornament since she loves to skate. This was the only one I could find. It wasn't very bright and had an ugly gray Santa painted on it so when I got it home I painted the boot with white nailpolish to cover the Santa. I painted the skate blade with shiny silver nailpolish and then added her name and the year. Much better! It was on a 40% off sale at Pamida so it only cost me $3.
Now my kids are all ready for the upcoming cousin party and we were able to do it frugally!

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Chris, Tasha, Dawson & Lainey said...

Very cute ideas!! We give our kids an ornament ever year on New Year's to reflect what they enjoyed throughout the tradition. It is a little harder now that they are young, but when we were kids, if we were into a certain sport, we would get an ornament refelcting that, or if we got our license, we would get a car etc. Fun to look back at the ornaments and see what we enjoyed, and then we had ornaments to start our trees when we got married and left the house :-)The upside to being on New Year's was she could get the ornaments 50% off after Christmas!!

--On another note, would you e-mail me on how to make those beaded socks?? I am making up a couple of baby gifts to have on hand and I thought it would be something fun to add in. So far I have made some burp clothes out of scrap flannel, and some bows for baby headbands. I would like to do the socks,and maybe some taggie blankets as well. Thanks. If you need my e-mail again, let me know! I LOVE reading your blog. You have truly inspiring posts! Thanks for the day brightners!! Also, would you e-mail me your friend's address so that I could get something to her. I would really like to help her out.

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