Thursday, November 13, 2008

Colter's Home!

Watching Uncle Coco's plane come in
Jeremiah was thrilled to see this real airplane (which to him was enormous, but is really just a tiny 15-passenger thing!)

Anna, Colter's lovely girlfriend, a missionary in Honduras, with a bunch of kids who came to Christ in one of her clubs recently.

Uncle Coco meets Justus for the first time! Colt is wearing a goofy winter hat since he came from 90 degree Brazil to 50 degree WY!

It's been an exciting week! Monday was a big day as I headed over to a nearby town to pick my brother up from the airport. It was also the first time I took all 3 kids to that town alone to hit up Walgreens and Smiths. I got some great deals and thanks to being ultra-prepared the kids were really great and we survived! (More on my deals in a future post.)
My brother Colter is a Child Evangelism Fellowship missionary overseas. In the last 18 months he has spent a few months in Argentina, 6 months in Guatemala, 2 months in Honduras, 3 months in Brazil, and a few days in Paraguay. Now that all of his language learning and missionary training is complete, he will be heading back to Honduras for a 3-4 year term starting in January.
It's been really interesting to hear about all the countries he's lived in and is good to catch up with him. His most recent training in Brazil involved missionaries from all over the world and he got to know folks from Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, etc. It's amazing how God has gifted him with language. In less than a year, he became fluent enough to preach in Spanish. He learned a lot of Portugese and even some Arabic at his Brazil training seminar too!
He made us drink this nasty green-tea stuff from Paraguay in a wooden cup that we all share. You add water and sugar and slurp the liquid out of a metal straw and then pass it on to the next person. It tastes like sweetened, burnt hay! I guess the people in Latin America are nuts about it! He is also going through bean withdrawals since that's about all he ate for the last year!
My kids adore Uncle Coco and Jerby asks for prayer for him every single night. They've had lots of anticipation in recent weeks, looking forward to his visit here. We are excited that we will have 6 weeks with him and that his girlfriend Anna will be joining our family for Christmas too!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

How neat! Glad Coco got to go home for a time. That is always fun as I well know. Where will he be working in Honduras? We are leaving in 2 weeks for a mission trip to San Pedro Sul and La Cieba. We will be doing a medical clinic with costaricans and guatemalans and will be doing childrens ministry.

Soaring Eagle said...

Dear Mrs. Jo,

My name is Jean Atkins. My husband is the CEF State Coordinator in Arkansas, so I have a google-alert for CEF and found your blog with the note about Coco. I forwarded it to our friends who are missionaries in Honduras (for many years). They are currently on furlough and wanted to know when/where Coco will be in Honduras and if he would like to house-sit at their home. If so, please let me know at (my husband's email). I'll be praying for Coco and those in Honduras. CEF is a wonderful ministry!

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