Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exciting News!

We finally got a rental after months of looking! The only way we got one is because my cousin's husband knew we have been looking for one and gave us first dibs on it before he advertised. The drawback is that it is no bigger than our current place, but we are still excited because it is a HOUSE and has a huge back yard for the kids to roam and play. Yay hurray! It's an older home, but it looks like it will be very comfortable for us for the time being. I am excited to have windows with sunlight since our current place is so closed in and only has two windows to the outside (in the pantry and in our bedroom). I remember specifically praying to God and asking Him in recent months to help us to find a place with sunlight and a large back yard (fenced if possible!) And even though it's not a 3 bedroom like we were hoping to rent, God did provide those two things I wanted. Isn't He good to His children? Other perks are: Fairly safe neighborhood close to the huge city park, a bathtub, laundry facilities (yay!), a clothesline, and flower beds and capabilities for a garden of my own! There are also a couple of storage sheds we can use in the back yard for bikes and larger toys. There is even space where I can set up some recycling bins too. I know this may not sound too exciting, but all of this is so much more than where we currently live!

The gal who was in the rental before us had 3 dogs and apparently they peed all over the carpets because it really stunk and neither of us would have wanted to rent the place if that issue couldn't be taken care of. The previous renters still had yet to do a deep cleaning and my cousin and her husband will be doing a deep cleaning and of course we will be doing a major cleaning before moving in as well. If you have any tips for getting rid of pet urine odors please post them here! We did just recently decide to invest in a quality steam vac so we are glad to have that to use several times on the new rental's carpeting.

We'll probably be moving out on Dec. 6th and 7th so it will be a crazy busy next couple of weeks. I feel a lot more relaxed about this move though since I have more time to pack. When we moved to this current apartment we had only 3 days notice to move and clean both places and I was very pregnant and had a toddler getting into everything!


Lesley said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy for you!!! God is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't use a fragrance cleaner on the pet urine. Only use the enzyme cleaners and let air dry. If you use a cleaner with fragrance it will just cover up the smell, not get rid of it. So once the fragrance wears off the urine smell will come back.

If the dog pee is all over the carpet and has soaked through to the pad underneath, it will take a lot of enzyme cleaner to get it out and maybe a few days to completely air dry. If the area that has the pee on it has already been cleaned with a fragrance cleaner, you will have to wait until the fragrance wears off and the urine smell comes back. Then you can clean again with an enzyme cleaner. The fragrance cleaner will encapsulate the urine odors, where as the enzyme cleaners will break down the odor molecules, eliminating them. So if you have already encapsulated the urine molecules with a fragrance, the enzyme cleaner will not be able to break it down.

I have a futon that a cat peed on for a couple of weeks before I noticed it. I soaked the mattress all the way through with the enzyme cleaner and let air dry for almost a week. It has never smelled like cat pee since. I can't remember the name of the stuff I used. I got it at the local independent pet store, where the lady that owns the store told me all of the above info about pet urine removal. Good luck.

~Laura~ said...

YES! Praise God for answering your prayers! :) I am super excited for you guys, and know you will LOVE your new place.. even though it is small. We always loved our small little house. :) (sometimes I even miss it, lol) Will be praying for your moving process!

Chris, Tasha, Dawson & Lainey said...

God is SO GOOD!! I am so happy to hear about your answered prayer!! Praise God for sunlight!!

Thia said...

Awsome news! Praying for you in this move!

Mandy said...

We have a white rug in our house (purchased b/f kids). It is always getting dirty and has stains that I have never been able to get out. Until I discovered Capture. It is a great cleaner. It is a little expensive, but very much worth it. We got ours at Sears.

Heather said...

I'm so glad to see God providing for your family! I'll be praying for you during these busy next few weeks!


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