Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Awesome Deals Recently!!!!

All of this at Pamida for under $9! I think the cashier must have goofed since it's $38 worth of stuff! However, her manager was helping her take off all of the coupons. A 3 bar-pack of Zest, 2 bars of Olay soap, 4 jars of babyfood, 1 package of pacis, 1 package of baby spoons, 1 bottle of sparkling juice, one Sally Hansen lip shine, 1 bag of Chex Mix, and an extra-large package of Luvs! Gotta love Double Coupon week, which is going on this week through Nov. 21st! I love that our local Pamida is renovating and improving their store and starting to do mega sale events! They recently had toys 40% off for a day and all last week they were 25% off. This week it's Buy Two Toys Get One Free! A great deal if you are buying hotwheels cars for a little boy in your life!
Every time I check out at Safeway I get catalina coupons for random items. I had a couple for High Fiber Oatmeal and saved them until the boxes went on sale. So, I got each box of oatmeal for only 50 cents!
Thanks to my friend Laura, who mailed me tons of coupons, I had a couple of B1G1 coupons on the Reach toothbrushes. They were on sale for $3 at Safeway and each of them had a $1 off coupon attached to them. Because my cashier took off the max amount allowed on the BIGI coupon, I made 10 cents buying each toothbrush! I went back the following day and got two more!

When I went on the mega-shopping trip with all 3 kids I got tons of good deals at Smiths (a Kroger-affiliated store) because they were doing the Buy 10, get $5 off deal on so many things. I can't remember everything I got but I do know I got 14 boxes of cereal (we'd been needing some) and lots of sour cream, yogurt, apples, and some baking supplies, jam, and Palmolive.

That same day I also got some great deals at Walgreens. I had a catalina for Pampers as well as a manufacter's coupon and they were on sale, which meant I only had to pay around $6.50 for some really good diapers for Jer. I got quite a bit of other things there that day, including baking supplies that were on a great sale, the Nov. free-after-rebate items, and my Christmas photos for my Christmas letter.

Safeway recently had some organic whole wheat pasta on the clearance rack. I didn't see a price tag on it so I went and asked, expecting that it would be around $2-$3 even on clearance. It turned out that it was 54 cents for a 16 oz. bag so I scooped up about 7 bags! My family is learning to like it since it's the only kind of pasta we have on hand right now! What a deal!

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6blessings said...

Thanks for the Pamida info on Money Saving Mom!
I got 4 boxes of Sunmaid raisins, 2 boxes A&H baking soda, 2-2 ltrs Sunny Delight,
1 tube Colgate Total TP and 4 tins of Ice Breaker mints for ....drum roll please...$3.32!
I also thought the cashier made a mistake but he double checked it.

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