Monday, November 17, 2008

Odds and Ends

I'm totally in a blogging mood today so that's why there are tons of posts!

You may have noticed that I've added a couple of ads on my blog on the right. I don't want to get into having tons of ads or advertising things I don't even approve of, but I do want to occasionally feature products I love so you will know how you can get them too. I recently came across Bugaloo shoes and I think they are so cute! Many people have asked me if I can make them some shoes and unfortunately due to lack of leather and mostly lack of time and energy, I just can't. But I'm happy to recommend another Christian lady who does and does it for half the cost of Robeez! They are darling! Buy 3 pairs and get free shipping! In a few days she'll be raising the price on her shoes from $15 a pair to $18 due to rising costs so if you're interested in them buy them soon! Please click on the photo button on my blog to take you to her website because if I recommend sales, I get a smidge of the profits too!

Our apartment building is soooooo quiet! I love it! Ever since the neighbors left, it seems like life has gotten a zillion times easier! Our childrens' lives are so much better too as those troubling influences are out of their lives. I know Ali misses them and I miss Lupe a lot but life is good. We should be getting a new family in soon on our left and we've heard they have two children so I guess we'll see how that goes! We're waiting to hear on whether or not we can rent a little two-bedroom house my cousin owns. We'd like bigger, but unfortunately there just aren't any bigger rentals available in this town and if we hear of one once in a great while they are usually asking double what we pay now per month.

I'm going to be starting a GIFTORAMA post series in the next few days. I'm really excited about being able to share gift ideas with others since I love making and giving gifts! I hope it provides tons of inspiration for my blog readers. Because I'll be focusing on gift ideas for the next couple of weeks, you won't see many of my regular posts around here (PETS for kids, Gentle Mother's Support Club, etc.)

For great inspiration on making a gingerbread house (FROM SCRATCH!), birthday party ideas, or gifts made from ribbons, check out my good friend Heather's blog

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Heather said...

I noticed your ads today--neat! And I can't wait to see your Giftorama ideas!

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