Monday, November 10, 2008

A Racecar Birthday!

Opening a front-loader (fwunt woader) from Cousin Daniel a few days before his real birthday.
Mommy and Daddy got Jerby some stacking buckets! Fun for the whole family!

The kids on all sides were grabbing presents as he opened them. In spite of the fact that he is turning TWO, he shared with them very nicely and was gracious with his new toys at the party.

Opening a big bulldozer toy from Grandpa Joel and Grandma Kathy.

Racing down the hall to drop balls in the buckets. An impromptu game engineered by Grammy to help the kids run off some energy.

Race-car cookies! Mommy wasn't brave enough to do cupcakes with multiple toddlers! They loved these! They are the same recipe we do every year at Christmas time, my Grandma Campbell's caramel cookies with cream-cheese frosting.

Mommy made a road raceway out of two large cardboard boxes. I ran out of black paint so most of the roads are muddy-looking! The kids LOVED this simple thing! All of the kids brought their favorite car to the party and they played with all of the vehicles on this!

Party favors! 20-cent bags from Wal-Mart, cups 30-cents at Family Dollar, a speed wheels car, and a Cars fruit snack.

Eating cookies and cheese crackers on our kitchen floor. To clean up, we just filled a bucket with soapy water and had the kids wash in it before heading back into the living room to play.

Running a race outside. We tried to let each of the kids get a turn to break the ribbon!
After the party we had a light lunch and put the kids down for a long nap. Then we watched the Disney movie Cars and had bagel pizzas for supper. A really fun day! And King Jo got to get lots of toys out of boxes. What is it with companies today? One bulldozer had about 10 screws you had to undo with a screwdriver just to get it out of the box! He got to assemble and disassemble lots of little vehicles/put batteries in, etc. Just one small reason I'm glad I'm not a single mom! We now have enough boy toys to last us for a while! Front loaders, cars, monster trucks, truck and trailer and boat, and a cute little-boy fire engine that's remote controlled. Ali seemed to think Jer needed help opening every present and she loves to take his new toys away. Jerby has quickly learned a new phrase, "It's my pwesent!!!!!"

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Thia said...

What a fun day! And thanks to you, for your inspiration. My kitchen floor really needs a wash and I have been putting it off. I think I will do as you did. Fill a bucket with some soapy water (dishsoap is probably safe enough) and give the kids each a rag. It will get clean enough. I can do that before their bath, so they can get wet and messy if they want. Then into the tub while the floor dries. THANKS!

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