Monday, November 17, 2008

Recipes you asked for

Some of my readers have been asking for recipes of things I recently posted about. Here they are! Hope you enjoy them!

Go here for my Green Mountain Lava Salsa Recipe.

Lupe's Authentic Enchiladas

1 pound of chicken (I used boneless, skinless breasts)
3 medium tomatoes (I used Roma)
1 clove garlic
Guajillo peppers (dried, in the Mexican section of the grocery store, very cheap)
½ onion
Whole cloves
Chicken bouillon cubes or powder
20 corn tortillas
Cheese (if desired)

First step
Boil the chicken until cooked. Then cool and shred with your fingers into tiny bits. Set aside.

Next, put about 1.5 cups water in a small sauce pan and chop 2 of the tomatoes in half and put in the water. Add 4-6 of the dried Guajillo peppers after breaking the stems off the top of them. You can add small, hot, dried peppers in with them if you like your sauce very, very spicy. Lupe usually added one or two.

Chop the remaining tomato and the ½ an onion finely. Heat a large-sized skillet on medium heat with a little bit of oil in it. Then add the onion and sauté for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, add the chopped tomato. Sprinkle a little salt over the onions and tomato. Then add the shredded chicken. Stir for a few minutes until heated, then set aside.

After having let the tomatoes and peppers boil for about 15 minutes, use a fork or tongs to take them out of the water and stick them in your blender. Add the clove of garlic to the blender and 6 whole cloves. Add 1 t. of bouillon (or the equivalent in bouillon cubes). Liquify in the blender until completely blended. Add a cup of water to the blender mixture.

Put a large skillet on the burner and put 2 T. oil in to coat the pan. Then pour the mixture from the blender through a strainer and into the oiled skillet. Press the goop in the strainer with a spoon to get all of the liquid out.

Stir the enchilada sauce mixture in the skillet over medium heat until it boils. Continue adding salt to taste.

While waiting for the enchilada sauce to boil, heat a tiny skillet with oil and begin to fry the tortillas. Lupe fried two at a time, one on top of the other to save time. Only 5 seconds is needed per side if the oil is very hot. Set them on a plate with paper towels on it to drain.
When the sauce has boiled and thickened, dip each fried corn tortilla in the pan of enchilada sauce before filling with the chicken mixture and rolling up and putting in a pan. Lupe added just a tiny line of chicken about as thick as two straws so that her enchiladas were very skinny.

Continue dipping, filling, and rolling until all tortillas are done.

Then use whatever remaining sauce you have to spread over the top of the enchiladas. Eat immediately or top with shredded cheese and heat in oven until cheese is melted.

Variations: Since we Americans LOVE cheese, Lupe told me that you can make these enchiladas with cheese instead of the chicken or you can mix cheese with the chicken. I've made them with all different types of shredded meat (elk, beef, pork). This dish is especially tasty served with soupy refried beans and Mexican rice. This recipe makes enough enchiladas for about 4-5 people. It works well doubled if you need to feed more.

If you use enchilada sauce for other recipes, make it yourself since it’s much cheaper!

My Taboule Recipe

You can buy a little box mix of taboule in the store in the rice section and all you need to add is tomatoes and a cup of water. However, homemade is much tastier!

1 C. Bulgur wheat
3/4 C. water
Juice of one lemon
1 t. mint leaves
3 bunches chopped parsley
4-5 green onions, finely chopped
2 ripe tomatoes, chopped
1 small cucumber, chopped
¼ C. olive oil
Salt to taste

In bowl mix water and lemon juice and soak the bulgur (I put the bowl in the fridge) until all water is absorbed (1 hour). Then add all the veggies and spices. Mix well. Add oil last and mix well. Chill and serve.

Taboule is very healthy for you and is a wonderful, light dish for summertime. It goes well as a side with grilled chicken breasts! If you don' t like onions, leave them out or substitute with other veggies.

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