Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My little bro had a rollover a week ago. I choked up just looking at his car and all I could say was, "Thank You God for sparing him!" Yes, this is the same brother who fell 35 feet out of a tree this summer and only had a couple of broken ribs to show for it. We pray continually for him that God would keep him alive long enough for him to come to faith in Christ. He is a very nice dude, owns his own bike shop business in town at age 19, and yet is very lost and has rejected the faith he was raised in.
I try not to be the obnoxious big sister who beats him over the head with the Truth or the Bible (been there and done that!) but I do want to communicate how much I love him and want him to find salvation. The Monday night he wrecked I had asked God to do whatever it took in his life to bring him to salvation. I told God I didn't want to see him hurt, in pain, or see his business fail, but if that was what it took for him to be saved then I wanted him saved! That very night he wrecked his nicest car (of the 3 vehicles he owns) which he had just put a thousand dollars into. Thankfully he and the other 3 kids in the car weren't hurt. Yet, this accident didn't seem to wake him up at all; at least not that I know of. He's a tough egg to crack! After his fall from a tree he said he survived because he was tough. I said, sarcastically, "Yeah, it had nothing to do with God sending an angel to cushion your fall." This time around he said the same thing and I brought up the fact that his sister is praying for him on Monday nights (and most other days of the week too).
I think God is calling me to unite other family members in an effort to really bombard the heavens with prayer for my brother. I know that lots of strong Christian people in my family are concerned for him and are praying for him. We love him so much and he is an amazingly gifted and talented guy. He just needs God, as all of us do.

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Thia said...

Sent a prayer up about him. Thank God for sparing him! God must have some work for him down here.

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