Friday, November 7, 2008

Deals of the Week

I haven't been to Walgreens in a while but last time I was there I took advantage of the monthly freebies and the Bonnie Bell sale (40% off) combined with internet coupons to get some sweet stuff for my gift stash. I also did the Kotex deal, combined with coupons to get a bunch for $1 a package.

Last week was a good week for Safeway deals. I got lots of Chicken Noodle Soup as we were recovering from a nasty stomach flu and it was all on some really good sales (Progresso and Healthy Choice). Frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts were on an awesome sale (4# for $6.39) and I snagged a couple of bags of those and about 10 cake mixes at 59 cents each. Batteries were only $4 for an 8-pack with the in-ad coupon.

This week there aren't super spectacular deals at the local stores, but that's okay since we have a lot in the pantry from other weeks. I did have my friend pick up 10 Powerades for me at a store affiliated with Kroger a half an hour from here. Powerade is great for my husband when he is logging and 50 cents for a large-size bottle is a super deal. Walgreens had a free 8x10 photo (no other purchase necessary) that I took advantage of this weekend and will pick it up in the store later when I get over there on Monday.

I made a Christmas order at Amazon and got the free shipping because I got a few different people's presents at once. When you have 3 little ones and live in the middle of nowhere without a Christian bookstore around, it just makes sense to shop online! Simple and quick, especially with DSL! And instead of getting junk (like most of the toys you see in our little town), I got some books for my kids that are really educational and Christ-centered for Christmas.

Every now and then I get free granola or cookies or tea in the mail thanks to signing up for free samples from links I find at

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