Monday, February 1, 2010

Bulk Cooking Results

Does it make me really weird that I LOVE bulk cooking? Even after a 6 hour power shopping trip (without the kids, which included a 2-hour chat with a friend in a quaint coffee shop) to a nearby town with a Walmart, I was so excited to begin my bulk cooking that I couldn't wait until Monday and decided to do it Saturday afternoon! It was the easiest bulk cooking day I've ever had because I chose 5-ingredient recipes from my Taste of Home cookbook. Each recipe only took 30 minutes or less of actual prep/packaging time. It was done in no time, even with kids running around! 6# of roast beef cooking in onion soup mix.
Some people doubt that God cares about the little things, but I know He does! I prayed and asked Him to help me be a good steward and find the deals when shopping for my meals and almost EVERYTHING I needed was on sale, including beef roast (which is usually pricey), green chilis, refried beans, bacon, shredded cheeses, etc.
Bacon, green onions, and cheddar packaged with the french fries to make cheesy fries
Safeway had a big sale on cheese and it was only $5 for 2# of shredded. I bought $15 worth of cheese to make my meals.
Fiesta macaroni

Assembling lasagnas

The final results:
3 Green Chili Rice Casseroles
1 Bag of brown rice
3 meals of sliced roastbeef
3 bags of Fiesta Macaroni
3 pans of lasagna
(1 not pictured because we ate it last night for supper!)
3 bags of Cheesy Bacon Fries
3 Pans of Green Chili Burritos

I managed to squeeze the 18 meals in the freezer and still fit my hubby's ice-cream in!
Most of these are new recipes but they were made with ingredients we like so I doubt we'll have trouble eating them. We've already tried some of the Fiesta Mac since tripling the recipe made more than enough for 3 bags and it's delicious! I'll share the recipes soon!

This ice-cream wouldn't fit so the kids were happy to help me take care of it! It's becoming a monthly ritual that when I stuff the freezer they get to clean up the last of some of the ice-cream!

This week I plan to mix up 5 or 6 bags of dry ingredients for rolls to use in the bread machine and then most of my cooking for the month will be done! All I will have to do each evening is throw the meal in the oven and add a quick side dish or two, like baked potatoes, salad, peas, cooked carrots, etc. to the meal.


Teresa said...

Do you have a recipe for your cheesy bacon fries?? would you mind sharing, thanks they sound soooooo yummy!!!! Teresa

Teresa said...

would you minde sharing you recipe for chessy bacon fries, they sound so yummy! thanks

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