Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ballerina Birthday Gifts

I've already posted about one of Ali's gifts here, but here are some more! The most important part of throwing a successful birthday party is being prepared. I had the gifts picked out and completely wrapped 2-3 weeks before her birthday.

When I saw the Lightning Deal at Amazon, via Money Saving Mom, for this cake set before Christmas, I snatched it up immediately!  An hour later I went back to order another and they were already sold out.  This set, which is $20-$25 at a local store, was $8.  My kids play tea party and/or birthday party every day so I know they will LOVE this!!!

It's hard to find party stuff with Angelina on it in the USA although there is lots of it in the UK.  For this reason, I was excited to nab an Angelina package on ebay.  It was $12 including shipping and contained a mylar balloon, a card, wrapping paper, a silk Angelina ballet shoes backpack, and bracelet.  My little girl really gets into theme events so I was thrilled to be able to get her some Angelina stuff for her Angelina-themed party.  I also found a brand-new Angelina DVD for $2 (plus $3.50 shipping) on
These gifts were from the Dollar Tree.  Pretty hairbows (something I just can't resist!)
and flashcards for school.

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