Saturday, February 20, 2010

Angelina Ballerina Birthday Activities

Found these free coloring pages here.  Had 15 of each pic printed off at the local print shop for around $1.

I was originally planning to roll 2 sheets up for each girl, tie a tulle ribbon around them, and use them for party favors, but then I decided to do the other favors instead.  So, I plan to have the girls color them as part of the party activities.  When you have an 850 sq. ft. house and 12 little girls filling it up, you need a QUIET activity for them to do!

Since Ali got an Angelina DVD for her birthday, our plan is to show that to the girls as one of the activities. 
We will also be doing the ballerina stomp (tying a balloon to each girl's foot and having them dance around to ballerina music while trying to pop each other's balloons) and the typical cake and presents.  I don't want things to be too structured since it's fun for them to simply play together so they will have time to do dress-ups and play with dolls too.  I also plan to take a group pic with their wands and individual portraits of each guest dressed like a ballerina, which we print off and glue onto a card for their thank-you cards.

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