Friday, January 29, 2010

February Meal Plan

Here is my meal plan for Feb. for The Freezer Cooking Daze hosted by Money Saving Mom and FishMama going on today-Tuesday. I plan to shop tomorrow (leaving the kids home with Daddy--woohoo!) and cook on Monday. This month I challenged myself to use a lot of new recipes. So most of these I have never made before but am trying out of a cookbook I got for Christmas last year from my Mom called Taste of Home's 5-Ingredient Recipes.

When I did bulk cooking in November and December I noticed that four meals was almost too much of one entree, mainly because they lasted through 2 meals each so that meant we were eating one dish 8 TIMES in a month!!!! We were so sick of Sherry Chicken by the end of December that we gave my parents the last meal's worth!

So, this time I'm doing 3 each.

Freezer Meals:

Easy Lasagnax3
Fiesta Macaronix3
Green Chili Burritosx3
Bacon Cheese Friesx3
Roast Beef and Baked Potatoesx3
Green Chili Rice Casserolex3

And here are the meals I will cook regularly (1 time each):
Black Bean Soup and Quesadillas (Have some leftover in freezer from a bulk batch I made a few weeks ago)
5 Bean Soup and Biscuits (in freezer--leftover from soup-in-a-jar a friend gave me)
BLT sandwiches
Pancakes and eggs
Waffles and eggs
Authentic Enchiladas for Mom's family B-day dinner
Pepperoni Pizza-Ali's request for her B-day meal


Leftover Nightx2

My menu plan best serves me if I have the 30 meals for the month listed on a calendar sheet on the fridge and if I choose each day what sounds good off of the list. Busier days I will grab a frozen meal, days where I feel like being creative or cooking up a storm I will make one of the non-freezer meals.

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