Friday, February 26, 2010

March's Menu Plan

Tacos x3
Spaghetti Bake x3
Tuna Casserole x3
Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry x3
Homemade Pizza x3
Breakfast x1
Nachos x2
Rib Eyes x1
Fettucini Alfredo x1
Eat Out x1
Chicken Salad Sandwiches x1
Spicy Chicken Wings and Potato Wedges x2
Salmon fillets and baked potatoes x2
Leftovers x3
St. Paddy's Day Supper at Church x1
Roast Beef and fried potatoes x1

Bulk Cooking Agenda for March 1st-2nd

1.  Cook, drain, and season 5# of hamburger and freeze
2.  Soak and cook black beans and freeze
3.  Cook 4# brown rice and freeze
4.  Make 3 Tuna Casserole Kits (since our freezer doesn't have the space for all of the meals this month, I'm going to chop ingredients and mix and freeze in containers and plan to add them to the noodles, which I will cook fresh the night of the meal)
5.  Make 3 baked spaghetti casseroles and freeze
6.  Bake 4# of chicken breasts and slice into strips for stir-fry, freeze

There is no way to describe how WONDERFUL it is to have a fully stocked freezer and a month-at-a-time meal plan.  It has been AMAZING to reach into the freezer for a supper that requires only heating!  I don't know how moms of 3 or more kids or any moms who homeschool live without bulk cooking!  Yes, it's a day or two of hard work invested at the beginning, but the benefits far outweigh the input.

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