Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Sweet Card from my little lady
that says, "Dear Mom, I love Mommy!"

My darling Josiah
took this pic of me
getting ready for church
and said, "I wanna
remember how beautiful
you look right now forever." 
Awwww, what a sweetie! 

Alathia loves Memory! 
We had a Memory Face Off
on Friday night and we both
played our hardest and tied
with 18 matches each!
Plate of goodies left over from
my Mom's class party
which she nicely donated to us
My hubby is very creative
and made this chocolate flower bouquet
for me using chocolate candy sticks
and dark chocolate heart crisps.

Alathia continued to make us
precious homemade Valentine cards
all day long
Tulips, my favorite flower, from my mom
Breakfast in some heart shaped bowls
that I scored at a yard sale a few years back.

I made my favorite roll recipe and shaped them into hearts.
The boys dig into the Valentine Box
at Grammy's house.

Grammy loves to make lip
and moustache suckers every V-Day.

It's super simple to cut pepperonis
into heart shapes for pizza bagels.

Ali loves her "Lady Glass."
Jer found a unique way to roll the dice
when we played the Family Love game
Grammy gave us.

Grammy also gave us a
Bible worksheet devotional
on the subject of Love
to do in February.
When I saw these balloons on a stick
in the Dollar Store I said to myself,
"I know my little boys would LOVE these
to sword fight with!"


Lesley said...

How sweet! Your tulips are gorgeous and the boquet from your hubby looks pretty and delicious! :) Glad you had a good Valentine's Day! You do look very pretty getting ready for church and I love your skirt!
Sam had to work yesterday but he did surprise me with flowers and a card and we hope to get a belated date night in this Thursday if we can get a baby-sitter - yay!

Heather said...

So much love expressed in your sweet little family! I love Ali's card, just the way she wrote it. :)

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