Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inexpensive Party Favors!

Ali's favor bags include a heart-shaped candy ring (10 cents each at Family Dollar)
and a homemade tulle-covered ponytail  holder (around 10 cents for materials). 
Princess goody bags were $1 for 20 at the Dollar Store.

Each child will also receive a star ribbon wand to dance with
(since Angelina often dances with ribbon wands). 
I bought a stack of foam ($1 at Dollar Tree) and cut star shapes from the foam.
Ali happily painted the dowels pink for me
(while wearing a B-day hat from her dress-ups.) 
The dowels were 8 for $1 at Walmart.
After I hotglued the ribbon (from the Dollar Tree) between two stars with the dowel in the middle,
I painted the foam with glitter paint.  I could have saved myself this
step by using glitter foam in the first place, but oh well!

I estimate I spent 35 cents per birthday guest for some very cute favors!  Not bad!
The Dollar Tree is a party planners' favorite store!

More options for Ballerina Favors:

It was hard to choose favors because there were so many great options for little girls, but I'm happy with the ones we finally decided upon.  Other choices included:

  • Foam masques from Dollar Tree (let the girls decorate them with glitter, rhinestones, sequins, etc.)

  • Pretty hair ribbons from Family Dollar (they have roses on bobby pins, rose headbands, ribbons with silver stars, fluffy bows, etc.)

  • Homemade tutus (one of my creative friends suggested this great idea, but because of our social circles, we ended up needing to invite 12 girls and that was way too many for me to attempt, even if they are simple!)

  • Pink ballet shoe cookies

  • Tiaras or foam crowns

  • Wispy or silky scarves to dance with

  • Candy necklaces

  • Mouse ear headbands

  • Fancy photo of each guest in a tutu with a ribbon wand
  • Angelina coloring pages printed off the computer for free!



Heather said...

Those wands are Gorgeous! I like how Ali is involved in blessing her guests, too!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

The wands are great! I have to ask..you said you got the dowels at Walmart....in what department???

LS said...

They were in the craft department by the wooden crafts and paints. 8 in a bag for $1.

The New Mrs. Rue said...

I love that idea!! We're going to be hosting a tea party for the girls in our playgroup, I'm sure they'd love this & it won't break the bank!!

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