Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frugal Friday-Frugal Thank-You's

At my daughter's recent Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party, I took individual portraits of each of the 12 little ladies in front of our cream-colored curtain behind the couch.  All of them turned out fairly well and I was able to enhance them a little bit with our Kodak program and add some colorful borders to some of them at the Walmart photo site.  I wish I could have added text to the photo, but Walmart photo didn't have that option.  It would have been cute to write the child's name followed by Ballerina on their photo.

I plan to glue the photos to the front of a piece of folded cardstock for a sweet thank-you card for the nice gifts they brought for Ali.  The parents will enjoy seeing each of their lovely little ballerinas, and it will cost me merely a few bucks for the photos and cardstock.  A nice final touch for a fun occasion!
Kayci Ballerina
Lindsay Ballerina
Reagan Ballerina
Ali Ballerina

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Rachel said...

This is a really cute idea!! You'll save money & the parents will have a sweet picture of their little girls!!

Michele said...

CUTE idea! I wish I would have read this LAST week, so I could have done it for my boys, but I'll try to remember for next year. :) Thanks!

Heather said...

Those pics are so good! They look professional! What a great idea!

Sarah said...

If you go to you can edit pictures, add text, save to your computer and upload to WalMart. I have spent hours playing with my pics! Love that site!

Donna said...

Great job on the party and the photos! The photos are fabulous!

I read you all the time and I think this may be the first comment I have left. I am officially delurking...

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