Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jer Bear's First Swimming Lesson

Even though he was excited the morning before swimming lessons began, Jer looked at me with huge eyes and said in a serious tone "What if I dwound Mama?"  I assured him I would leap out of the bleachers and rescue him if he started to drown and that two lifeguards would be watching him. 

He had a wonderful time!  He came out of his first session saying, "I LOVE swimming!  But I didn't learn how to do a backflip."  He had high expectations for the first day!
Swimming lessons run year-round in our town and in the past Ali has done them in the summer, when most kids in town do them. But we're enjoying this late-winter session because the kids can burn some energy even when it's cold outside.  There are only 5 kids, including them, in their class and they gets lots of attention.  It's twice a week for 6 weeks and only costs $20 a kid.  Justus can hardly stand to watch them from the bleachers.  He always looks like he is ready to jump the bar and dive in!

Swimming lessons are a huge priority in our family, partly because I love water and swimming for fun and partly because of the dangers for children regarding water. 
Do your kids go to swimming lessons?


Tina said...

So cute that you call your son Jer-Bear. We have a 7 year old "Sar-Bear" (as in Sarah). We've called her that since birth. Yes, yes we have done swimming lessons! What a relief it is when you know all of your children won't "dwond" at the pool! Swimming develops excellent coordination and it is an important skill to possess. Our oldest 4 children even participated in our county's swim team one semester. This was well worth the fees because several strokes were perfected and their swimming skills were taken to higher level. Prerequisite skills included swimming the length of the pool - which we did through swim lessons. $20 is a FABULOUS price! Here two weeks of swim lessons (8 lessons in all) are $50.

I love your new look and name! I am still playing around but am posting at my wordpress blog for now.

Thia said...

The new layout is cute! Swimming is important to me too. I don't plan on enrolling the kids in lessons as I hope to teach them myself. My inlaws who are close by have a pool. Last summer it never really got warm enough to open it up, but I am hopeful for this winter. But I do like your idea of using this time as a way to release some of the winter energy!

Alison said...

I really like your new blog template, it looks great! My daughter, age 8, has taken swimming lessons several times, first to learn to swim and then to help refine her technique. Since she swims so well, I can sit under an umbrella at our subdivion pool and read without any worry. I can't believe how inexpensive your lessons are. I live in Northern Virginia ($$$) and 7 weeks of lessons (1 lesson per week) is about $80.

Kristin said...

I enrolled Madison in swimming lessons for the first time, beginning March 16. Here, lessons are once a week for six weeks, half hour sessions, and $40! So like everyone else has been saying, you're getting an awesome deal on your fee!

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