Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Praise and Prayer Request

I've been doing the 5'O Clock Club that the Girl Talkers started on Feb. 1st (though it's 6 O'Clock for me!). I have been going to bed earlier this year thanks to my punishment (if I stay up beyond 11pm I lose a whole day of internet) and have been wanting to get back into the wise habit of rising before the family for time with God. The other day I began my day by praying that God would help me to know what He wants me to do for teen girls. I've been wanting to start a group or Bible Study with them this year, but we've been so busy, and the teens themselves are busy, and none of the books I've purchased and reviewed have seemed right.
My answer came that night. The phone rang and we wondered who would be calling us so late. The hesitant voice of a teen girl at church softly asked if I would be willing to meet with her weekly and do a Bible Study with her. I was astounded and excited and nervous all at the same time! I think we will probably be meeting for pie and Bible Study in a local restaurant on Tuesday nights.
Please keep me in prayer as I seek to teach and encourage this young woman in what it means to be a Christian and how to walk with the Lord.
What an exciting adventure it is to walk with God and share Him with others! How gracious and loving He is to answer our prayers and use a very-far-from-perfect person like me to somehow mentor a young woman with a bright future!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey I love your blog! You do a great job! What an encouragement.
Melissa Smith

the momma said...

may I also suggest that you occasionally have her in your home? nothing formal - just involve her in your normal life.
Good job going to bed early! Only a fellow night owl knows how difficult that is & the sacrifice involved.

missionarygirl19 said...


That's so awesome! I'm excited for this opportunity for you. It's so neat when God answers our prayers, and desires, in unexpected ways.


Guntzel Girls said...

I'm working on getting more sleep, too, but I also am a night owl and have a really hard time making myself go to bed each night. Best wishes with your challenge!
I must admit I am slightly jealous of the girl you are going to mentor ;-). She is sooo blessed! I have often wished I could be mentored like that. I pray that your times together will be a blessing to both of you.


LS said...

Great thought themomma! Thanks!

Thanks Melissa!

You're so sweet Amy! I wish you lived closer so we could get together! Pray about asking someone in your life! I fully believe God will answer and put someone in your path who can teach you what it means to be a godly woman. My aunt, while not a formal mentor, was that person for me in my teen and college years.

Tina Jobe said...

Lindsay, With my new budgeted computer time, I have been catching up on some blog reading. That's something I've not done as much of lately. I am so inspired! Maybe I will get one going! Just wanted to encourage you in this new relationship. I was asked by one of our pastors to mentor a young grad student last year. I will admit to not wanting to take that on. However, my husband encouraged me and a year later it grieves me to think I almost missed such a wonderful opportunity to minister - but to be oh so blessed in doing so! This young gal, while not seeing anyone, genuinely sought relationship and knowledge concerning home schooling, marriage and family life in general. What a blessing to have her in our home! What a blessing it was to have her become a godly role model for my teen daughter! My daughter adores dance and Sarah, my grad gal, worked with her in choreography and even danced with her in several worship services at our church. She was an answer to prayer for me and I know our family was to her as well. Bless you as you reach out to others! You are making eternal investments!

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