Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Title Ideas

I'm in the process of changing my blog's name.  Not because I don't think my husband is kingly anymore (he is), but because I want my blog title to reflect the content of the blog more closely.  I'm having a tough time deciding on a new name.  I appreciate the input on the poll on my sidebar.  I got to thinking that those of you who are especially creative and regularly read here may have even better ideas than myself!  So, please leave your Blog Title suggestions in the comments on this post, along with your e-mail address.  If I choose the name you suggested I will send you a prize!

Things I'm looking for:

Not already taken
Easy to Remember
Summarizes my content well

Words to piggy back off of :


Kristin said...

A Havenly Home

For His Glory

For Simplicity Sake

Faithful Homemaking

These are just a few ideas I had. Not sure if any are taken yet. :-)

Heather said...

Circle of Friends? Not sure if it's what you're looking for for your blog, but I remembered it because of your great newsletter. :)

L. said...

I'm a lurker, coming out of "lurkdom" to help in your quest for a new blog name. Here's a few thoughts....

Faithful Haven

Making a Faithful Haven

Faithful Simplicity (meaning a return to simpler times)

L. said...

Oh, forgot to leave you my name! It's Laurel :)

Melissa said...

How about Frugal Living & Family Fun?

LS said...

Thanks Kristin! I love A Havenly Home and Faithful Homemaking. Those are definitely in my top choices. It's so hard to choose! I actually have a friend whose blog is called For His Glory.

Thanks Heather! I had considered that one, thanks for suggesting it. Definitely a possibility!

Thanks Laurel! Wow, only 3 commenters so far and I love the suggestions! I love your first and third choices especially and will be considering them!

Our family... said...

The Makings of My Mommyhood

Serving My God by Serving My Family

Loving God as I Love My Family

Kristin said...

I just had a couple more ideas:

Life's Little Blessings

Life's Simple Blessings

or shortened them by leaving out "Life's".

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