Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Decorations

I used some of the Angelina wrapping paper to make little place cards.  Instead of Angelina Ballerina, I will (Child's Name) Ballerina on them.  Example:  Fernanda Ballerina, Alathia Ballerina
A foil roll cut into pieces with a knife.  The placecards stand up nicely when taped to these.

Had a lot of extra tulle from the tutu so I covered the window with a big piece of purple (it's hard to see) but then pinned little pictures of Angelina to the tulle.  I found an Angelina book at the Bargain Book Basement at the local library while shopping there a month ago and it was half-filled with pen markings.  So, I cut the non-marked up pictures out of it to use as party decorations.  I have some more little pictures that I could tape to the pink cups or the doilies or the favor bags.
Extra tulle put to work
My favorite decoration--an Ali Garland
I used the same picture I used for the invites and had the local print shop copy it onto pink cardstock for me.  I had them do 13.  Then I cut them out with scrapbooking scissors, punched a hole in the top and ran tulle from the Dollar Tree (wedding section) through them.  A beautiful dcoration for the living room, and one we will save in her box of special childhood things.  Total cost was around $3.

The Dollar Tree is a Mom's best friend!  $6 for all of these party supplies!

I had these doilies in the craft box.  They will be nice on the pink tablecloth or under the cups.

Other Decoration Ideas:

  • We have an Angelina mylar balloon

  • We plan to use her ballet costumes from the dress-up bin to hang around the house for added ballerina flair

  • Ballet shoes hung up

  • Ballerina books set up for display on shelves or tables

  • Wispy scarves or ribbons

  • Pink balloons tied to the chair backs (which we'll then use for the ballerina stomp at the end of the party)

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