Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yard Sale Treasures!!!

Above: Jer outgrew his other Crocs so I was delighted to find a pair in his size for 50 cents. Is it sacriligious that I bought a pair of Robeez when I make my own leather baby shoes? I couldn't pass up this pair for 50 cents for Justus and plan to try to copy the cute mocassin design.

I haven't been yard sale-ing in a few weeks with all the busy stuff we've done in May. So, it was wonderful to be able to find a ton of steals today. I took both kids and was only gone an hour. Instead of biking, I ended up driving but made sure to go to sales close to home. Here are some of my finds!

These baskets were about 5 cents each and the vases were free. Great for gifts!

The find of a lifetime: Like-New Fuzzi Bunz!!! Remember how I started sewing my own because I couldn't even win an e-bay auction on them? The folks I bought them from had lots of cloth diapers (they were NOLSies) and they had decided after about 6 months of using them that they couldn't take the icky-ness of cloth diapers. They sold me these 8 medium ones for $20 (the cost of one new Fuzzi Bunz!) The medium ones still fit Jer and they are better fitting than my homemade ones, lighter weight, and seem to control leaks really well! Yeah hurray!

These are two large fleece tie-quilts for Ali. She sleeps with the two she received as baby gifts but if there is an accident in the middle of the night we're wishing she had some more. These were 50 cents each (about 1/20th of the cost it would be to make one!) and look like they've hardly, if ever, been used.

Someone poured a ton of work into these beautiful little hand-embroidered, lacy burp bloths. They were brand new and only 5 cents. They'll go in my gift stash for baby gifts. I also got a few like-new receiving blankets with these that I plan to use to "wrap" baby gifts for friend's baby showers.

This little Carter's romper still has the tags on it. They didn't charge me anything for it, perhaps since I bought a bunch of their Fuzzi Bunz.

At one sale, the woman said everything on one table was FREE and all the clothes were FREE. Since Lupe has mentioned needing new clothing for her girls, I snagged about 10 really cute things in the girl's sizes, some of which looked new. Also these winter mittens for Ali and I and some flashcards for my mom.

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Heather said...

Great yard sale finds! Know what my best find was today? A pair of crocs for Kardelen for 50 cents!!! Isn't that funny?

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