Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Deals this Week

There were some great deals going last week and this week so I made the trip over to the other town in order to hit them all. I figure the cereal and yogurt alone more than paid the gas for my trip because it would have cost that much just to buy them in our town.

What did I get?

Smith's had a deal where you get 4 boxes of cereal for $4. I had two, $2 off coupons for chocolate Honey Bunches of Oats so the cereal should have been completely free! I think my cashier dropped one of my coupons or it might have been stuck to the back of the other one because he only rang up one so I ended up paying 50 cents a box. Still a great deal! The LiveActive cereal was about 12 cents with an internet coupon.
I also did the Smith's Huggies deals where I got 3 packages, got $4 knocked off, and I used $4.50 in manufacter's coupons and sent in for the $5 Huggies rebate. It averages out to $5 per package.
The Corazona chips, which are delicious by the way, were absolutely free, with overage, thanks to a coupon I found on MoneySavingMom and printed off. Thanks for the tip Blasdels!
The Crunch Crisp bar was free with a coupon. I have to say I like the old Crunch bars better.
The Pert Plus will be free after rebate, the Old Spice bodywash was only about 10 cents due to the catalina and manufacter's coupon I had on it, and I got MORE Pro-Health toothpaste since it was still on sale, with a RR on it, and I had coupons too. Walgreens wipes were buy one, get one, so I got a couple boxes since that's a better deal than anything you will find in our town. Thanks to the Muir Glen coupon my friends told me about, these cans of organic tomatoes were 24 cents each. I also got 4 boxes of organic frozen veggies for only $1 each thanks to coupons. The Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid cost $1.50 after a catalina coupon I had on hand. I wanted to try it and needed dishwashing stuff and though I didn't get it FREE, it is still cheaper than buying a bottle of Palmolive.
I got a lot of other things not pictured, such as fruit, yogurt, and toliet paper, which were all way, way cheaper than the cost of buying it here in town. I also stocked up on some dried fruit, granola bars, and juices for the kids for our upcoming road trip to Billings this weekend.

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The Ulmer Family said...

Those are some great deals! My sister LOVEs bargains and visits our local second-hand store regularly. She shops for our family, others and stores things away in her hopechest.
Her best bargain to date was getting a slightly-used Bosch (bread-maker) for just $3. They go for close to $400.
Have a great trip this week-end!

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