Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pics of our Week Thus Far...

Colt had to get dressed up all snazzy in a suit to speak in two churches last Sunday.

Since I didn't dare ruin my camera by taking it swimming with us, I only got a pic of the outside of the pool building (Ali and Jer are eating crackers on the steps).

Togwotee Pass has unbelievable amounts of snow even in May. We parked the car on the turn-out and the snowbanks on the sides of the road were over our heads. It was a cold and snowy day so Mama and Jer took a nap in the car and Ali had a blast snowmobiling for an hour with Grammy.

We went out for Mexican food after church on Mother's Day. Here, my dad challenges Anna to an arm-wrestling competition while my brothers (Grant, the curly locks on the left) and Colter, look on.

We've been having fun getting to know Anna and seeing my brother Colter! Unfortunately for Anna, who left 95 degree temps in Honduras, the Wyoming weather has been icky and cold a lot of the time. She got to try snowmobiling for the first time, drive all night in a blizzard for the first time to get here from Denver, got to see the Tetons, went swimming in the mineral waters of Thermopolis, try four-wheeling, and tomorrow they'll go for a long horse ride. She's a very sweet young lady.

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